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There is a key that will unlock the door leading to your path of intimacy. You have it already...

It always seems to happen after a great romantic movie. The leading lady gets the man of her dreams. You know, the one that instinctively knows her every thought and wish and eagerly seeks out ways to make her every desire a reality. And as you leave the theatre with the annoying feeling that you stepped in something sticky and are afraid to see what it is, you wonder why you can’t find that sensitive man.

Why are you “stuck” in a relationship where your guy seems like a clueless, un-enlightened being that only responds to written instructions? Why are you still holding out and waiting for that guy to come along and sweep you off of your feet. Why don’t you have the kind of intimacy you crave?

When you are ready to stop wondering “why” there is a lack of intimacy in your life and ready to actively seek “how” you can get the kind of intimacy that you deserve, then you will find that you are on the threshold of discovering the kind of real life that is portrayed on the big screen.

Fantasy? I think not.

What would you say if I told you that you could have it all? The real love, the intimacy, the mind blowing sex, the great respect, the enduring friendship, and the spontaneous fun that you really want from your guy but are afraid to hope for. Afraid, because you don’t want to be disappointed when he doesn’t perform.

The answer is out there…and in there. You must take a journey within yourself to discover exactly what it is you want, how to ask for it, and how to achieve it. They key, ladies, lies within.
Sometimes we expect too much from our men. We expect them to just “know” what it is that we want or what we are thinking. Come on…really?

Do you always know what your guy is thinking? Do you want to know what he is always thinking about?

Let’s go back to that movie on the big screen. Remember, that guy was so sensitive and in tune with his woman’s every desire. He just knew that she wanted to cuddle and spoon after mind blowing sex. He actually stayed awake and talked with her, telling her how much he loved and respected her. He spontaneously stopped at the florist on the way home and picked out a dozen roses. And, he wasn’t even in the dog house! Imagine that.

But wait, what are we missing here? How was he able to “know” to do all of those intimate things for his lady? How did he know that those simple little things would bring her so much pleasure and satisfaction?

One word: script.

The actor in that movie had a script. A step by step guide that told him what to do, when to do it, and where the lighting should be to cast the most favorable shadows on those naked bodies.

And remember, she had a script to. She knew what was coming her way, expected it, anticipated it, and readily accepted it. Heck, she may have even helped the director write the script!

There is a key that will unlock the door leading to your path of intimacy. You have it already, but you may not realize it. You must be willing to reach within yourself to discover that key. Once you have that, you can use it to unlock the door that has been blocking your path to the greatest happiness that you have ever imagined.

Ready, Set, Action!

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