Challenge of Change

Challenge of Change

So it was my birthday on Thursday, thirty-seven times around the sun. What an amazing girlfriends loved me up by taking me out for brunch, I found out that my donation of a “Find Your Bridge” package to a Silent Auction for charity was accepted, and best present of all - one of my clients sent me a testimonial that blew me away. Her list of achievements since our last session some weeks ago is extraordinary - and eerie - all the goals she set have either been achieved or are about to be realised...time to move the goal posts for her and set some new ones!

I have been presented with some amazing opportunities for positive change in the days leading up to and days since my birthday

The story - The night before my birthday, at the suggestion of a dear friend I wrote a birthday list. One of the things on my list was that I would continue to live in my rented house (one of the other things is to have a lovely lover but that is another story). On my big goals list that I wrote in February, I stated that by February 2011 I would either own or be buying my own home. Can you see the conflict? Moving forward to today...I found out that the owners of my home want to move into their house at the end of my lease (at the end of May). I have to admit that I was a little disappointed as I have just had a permablitz (see if you want to see what we got up to or find out more about permaculture) and am finally loving my garden. The funny thing is that my MEM teacher sent me a great presentation called TwoChoices just 2 hours after I received the call telling me I am moving.

I was prompted to consider the following:

1) The universe showed me in record time that something I had put out for was in-congruent with a bigger goal that I had set. I take this as a beautiful sign that I am flying towards that bigger wonderful!


2) I was presented with an excellent challenge...and a either buy into drama and take the opportunity to beat myself up...or to view the situation as an amazing opportunity for positive change and forward movement...guess which I chose…that's right - moving forward...and action.

So my job for the next couple of days is to expand my birthday list into a compelling picture of my future and ensure that it is congruent with my larger goals. Awesome fun. Love It! My question to you is what challenges or change are you facing and how are you choosing to face them?

If you want a copy of the TwoChoices presentation I mentioned, information about S.M.A.R.T. goals, or you are feeling nosy and want to know what my birthday list includes... please give me a shout at

Love It!
Atalanta, Proud April Fool, Coach and Emotional Splinter Remover