5 dating rules for man and women


5 rules man should do on a first date:
1. Give her tons of compliments!
2. If you don’t want to buy her a flowers buy her box of chocolates.
3. Make sure you are focus on her and her face, don’t stare at her chest.
4. Listen carefully to everything she’s saying and do not interrupt.
5. Always show good manners by opening the door for her, this will impress her.


5 rules women should do on a first date:
1. Be late at least 15 min on your first date, if he thinks you’re worth it he’ll wait!
2. Always choose a good restaurant to go for dinner, if you are too modest he’ll try to take an advantage.
3. Avoid going to a movies on a first date, it’s for teenagers.
4. Upon finishing your first date dinner make sure you have to go home right the way, with excuse of an early morning appointment.
5. Never invite him for coffee at your place after the first date, because since when we call these type of invite a coffee?
Yours truly AstroCoach