Years in Practice

6-10 years


Toronto ON M3H5A4 - Canada



Additional Expertise

Life Coach, Matchmaker, Relationship Coach



I Believe

"Astrology is here to set a path it's up to you to choose the destination."

About Ilina Trowles

Astrologer and AstroCoach Ilina Trowles, is not only trained in both Astrology and Life Coaching but she is a natural Intuitive who has been successful at changing the lives of many people who sought her expertise and support when their life, career or relationship challenges required more effort.
With a Diploma of Advanced Astrology from CAAE (Canadian Association of Astrological Education) she has successfully changed lives of those who have sought her expertise when their life, career or relationships required new direction.

By using the Astrology techniques such as Transits, Progression and Solar return, person can simply gain a knowledge and awareness about certain experiences or events that are occurring or had occurred in the past.

Specializing in Astrology of Relationships, Compatibility and Synastry for Lovers, Dating, and Relationship Advice for Couples and Individuals

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Ilina Trowles Success Stories

Relationship issues

Women starting over

Dear Astro coach,
Thank you for helping me with my issues that I had about man and relationships, advice that you had given me open my heart and mind, and I got better outlook on life in general. My whole life was just a weird web of misconceptions and illusions, thankfully I’ve met you and this had changed for better.
My biggest problem was relating to man, and I always wondered “Why men misunderstood women so extensively?” You’ve helped me feel more liberating and understanding of myself and others, especially the man I truly love.
Thank you forever
Judith F.

Relationship and marriage


I am sceptic. Although I've always been somewhat curious and entertained by the solar system, horoscopes and astrology.
I had the good fortune one evening if meeting a wonderful woman, Illina. After chatting a while I realized I really liked this woman; a true, solid and professional. Near the end if our conversation she mentioned she is a professional astrologer and relationship coach, and combines both strategies to help people get a sense of direction in their lives.
Several weeks later I called her, we met, and she did my Astro chart consultation, also chart for my husband even one for one of my children.
I was astounded! Even what she told me about my son was true. How could she know?more

I was very enlightened by the recounting of my life's history as she deciphered it from the astrological charts and how the charts accounted for and predicted certain events in the past and in the future. I was honestly speechless.

Ilina spent as much time as it took to read the charts, help me understand what she was saying and answer all my questions and concerns. There was no judgement from her and she was patient and very kind.
It was time and money well spent as I now have insight and acknowledgement into understanding my past. Based on that validity, I also have insight going into my future and working on my issues, but also strength to cope and move forward.

Thank you Ilina. I value your honesty and understanding and I now am a believer. You proved too many things you yourself could not ever have known by simply reading and deciphering the text, also you had tremendously helped me with my relationship and my marriage concerns.
Forever grateful,
I will be seeing you again
Very truly,

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