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Welcome, I’m Ann Klein, Relationship Coach and Therapist for over 30 years. I work with couples teaching them powerful ways to communicate, resolve issues, get over affairs, and deepen their intimacy. It always amazes me that so many of my couples have the courage to recommit to their relationships, even those coming from difficult childhoods or previous ‘destructive’ situations.

In the last few years with the knowledge of neuroscience, I understand more how this happens. The neurons in our brain continue to grow, especially those dealing with connecting to another human being in an emotional relationship. This brings so much hope to my work. I now know that those couples committed to their relationships can achieve their goals. I understand how those couples I’ve worked with dealing with infidelity, ended up having a better relationship than ever before. I’m honored to help
them with my experience, training and wisdom. I love learning from them. One thing that stands out is how many men really want to make their women happy.

Of course not all the couples I see are committed to continuing their relationships. I teach them a process to say goodbye in a respectful way. When there are children involved, we collaborate coming up with a plan to deal with this big loss depending on the age and sensitivity of each child.

I coach many singles trying to get over a breakup and those wanting to find a long-term relationship. How do you meet the right person; how soon should you become intimate; should you move in together and when; and how do you handle dating when you have children?

How painful it is when someone experiences a breakup. We know now that chemicals get set off in our bodies during this time making it particularly hard to move on. In my practice, I help those singles let go of old resentments and previous partners, and to come to terms with the part they played in the relationship so they don’t repeat this.

I’ve had the privilege to be featured on the radio and present numerous workshops for professionals and the public on relationship issues, affairs, parenting, and codependency.

I look forward to answer your questions and work with you to obtain your relationship goals.

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