Pleasure: The Secret to Manifesting Magic

Haven't met The One yet? Find and embrace Pleasure first and see what magic happens next!

Mani-pedi's, having your hair done, massages, long, warm bubble baths, listening to music, dancing, walking in nature, a quiet cup of tea, a perfect piece of chocolate (or your favorite treat)....these are a few ways to add pleasure to your daily life that will actually improve your manifestation powers. 

There is a tremendous amount of new research out that proves the importance of having pleasure in our lives.  Not only does pleasure reduce stress, it also improves our health and overall well-being. 

This probably isn't surprising AND when was the last time you consciously added pleasure to your life?  When we are relaxed and in the flow, it's a zillion times easier to access (and send out) our positive emotions.

According to love master Dr. John Gray, women need to constantly rebuild their "oxytocin" levels.  Oxytocin is the bonding hormone essential for women in their ability to give and receive love.

My personal "pleasure recipe" includes a daily bath with aromatherapy, an early morning walk with my husband, a daily piece of chocolate and one-on-one time with my cat Felix.

If I have a particularly stressful day, I have a special CD of favorite dance tunes that I crank up in my office and I dance and sing (all by myself) until I feel the endorphins surging through me.  (Right now my fave dance tune is "Firework" by Katy Perry.)

If consciously adding pleasure to your daily life doesn't come naturally to you, I would suggest a little experiment:  For the next 7 days, decide to add at least 15-20 minutes of pleasure...all for you.  As you create your To-Do list, put YOU on the top of that list, then let me know what happens!

By taking the time to add pleasure to your life you will be calmer, happier, and more receptive to enjoying and attracting love at every level.

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