The Love Questions You Need To Manifest Love This Summer


Wouldn't it be wonderful to fall in love this summer? Tired of wishful thinking? Here's the answer!

If this past Summer wasn't the most romantic, sexiest, happiest time for you, take a vow to re-commit putting your attention on manifesting your soulmate in the coming months.

To begin ask yourself these questions:

1.  Is now the right time in my life to bring in new love? (and, am I willing to spend some time each day focused on magnetizing love to me?)

2.  What belief about myself must I let go of in order to manifest the relationship I desire?

3.  Who do I most need to forgive to free my heart for a soulmate?

4,  Are there any other lovers I need to complete with in order to heal my heart of the past?

5  What are the heart traits & qualities I most desire in a soulmate?

6.  What is the gift I am bringing to the relationship?

7. Am I ready to receive the deep and nourishing love of my beloved?

8.  Is my home ready to receive my soulmate? (Have I made the space?)

9.  What is my biggest fear around love? (and do you have a plan to heal it)

While true love does seem to just "magically occur" for some people (maybe less than 1% of the population) the rest of us need put some time, energy, intention and attention on our love lives.

What are you willing to do to co-create with the Universe your greatest love imaginable? If you want to know 3 Proven Simple Secrets to Manifest True Love, click here for instant access to this FREE DOWNLOAD.

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