Intention + Action = BIG LOVE

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Don't just think about taking action to attract your soulmate. Take these practical steps right now.

Magnetizing the love of your life is a simple process when you are willing to combine your intention, attention, and action with an open mind and open heart.

Nearly everyday I receive emails and Facebook messages from readers around the world sharing their Soulmate Secret success stories with me. Today I'd like to introduce you to Audra & Roberto.

After leaving her 10th wrong relationship, Audra (age 41) decided she was willing to try anything to bring the right person into her life. She says, "I am a very spiritual soul, open, positive, and always optimistic but I knew that I needed to believe I DESERVED an amazing relationship."

After she read The Soulmate Secret she began to believe and know that she truly DOES deserve big love and she began to take action. She cleaned closets and started to clear old residue of previous lovers. She created her love vision board. She wrote and rewrote her soulmate wish list, and sent it out into the Universe as well as placing a sealed a copy under her bed. And, she began to "live as if" on a daily basis.

A few months later, on September 8th, she was "fixed up" via Facebook with a cousin of a friend who was planning a trip to the States from his home in Italy.

"We skyped and texted and I loved his wit, charm, sense of humor and felt like I had known him forever. He was easy to talk to and it was easy to be me."

Roberto (also 41) arrived in America on November 4th. She met him at the airport.

"He was sexy and handsome with the most beautiful smile. We had a familiar embrace and it lasted forever."

They were together for the next month when it became clear that the stars had aligned and they were meant to spend their lives together. Roberto's divorce had recently become final and he was free to leave Rome and move to Red Bank, NJ to be with Audra. They soon married in a small ceremony. Later that day, Audra took out her soulmate wish list from under her mattress and read it aloud to Roberto, tears streaming down both their faces as they realized she had described him to a tee!

"I am the happiest I have ever been. I truly believe The Soulmate Secret helped this Princess meet her Prince Charming. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."

Whether you've had 10 wrong relationships or 110, it¹s never too late to CHOOSE to believe that you deserve BIG LOVE and to take the steps to making it happen.

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