Here Are 3 Simple Tips To Improve Your Relationships

Love, Self

It is possible to be mindful of these baby steps that will lower tension in your relationship.

I know it sounds simple and maybe I can't convince you to pay attention to these small steps, but let me tell you they absolutely work every time. 

1. Notice what is right: Seriously, really stop and tell yourself right here right now what is actually working and going well between you and your partner. How often do you notice all the good things working? I know many people who dwell on the broken parts or the disappointments which just leads to you feeling competitive and resentful.

Sometimes just writing them down is enough or try to tell your friends about the relationship qualities that are impressing you. If you change what you the focus on, the things you focus on change.

2. Verbalize behaviors you notice you like to your partner: Many couples I see criticize what they dislike about their partner. Try it for one week. Only make verbal statements of appreciation. It will put a spin on positive interactions. I believe statistics show you need a ration of five positive statements for every one negative. Science doesn't lie! Try it today.

3. Become aware of your thoughts: Couples tend to look in the environment for negatives. Soon that is all they see. Monitor your thoughts and if you notice your are  frustrated, irriltable or judgemental make an immediate shift. You can choose to problem solve or drop into acceptance.

By changing your thoughts you can change your mood. I like to play a game with this and attempt to refuse to feel negative. When I'm aware, it works. When I get lazy or stressed, it doesn't.