Learn How to Become her ‘Casanova’ on Valentine’s Day


Boy, oh boy! February 14th is a day all modern women will remember.

Here are 5 articles that will make you become the Casanova of her dreams.

Single or not, behold the secrets:


Why Women Love Valentine's Day

There’s no better way than mentally preparing for Valentine’s Day - or any special date for that matter. This article by Naomi Piercey will detail why holidays and special dates matter to women, and how you can please her with ease as you reap rewards ;)

10 Top Dark Chocolates For Valentine's Day

As you may know, chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac. If you haven’t thought about what kind of chocolate to buy for your woman, here’s a list of the best dark chocolates as gifts, provided by Karen Leland. According to the article, small amounts of chocolate every day is actually healthy! So, remember to have some before bed.

Why Women Like Generous Men

Especially when it comes to using money, women like it when a man pulls out his wallet to pay for the Valentine’s Day dinner, according to Stella Belmar. Think about it - us gals like to be treated like ladies. And if you take the initiative, be the first one to get the check, pay without hesitation - Hey, that’s sexy! And don’t forget to wink at her when you do it. She will melt more than the chocolate you had for dessert.

Are you single? There’s always a chance for fun

Rachel Olson’s got the juice that will help you stay awesome on Single Awareness Day. Ditch the ‘Awareness’ part because surely you will find other single ladies that’ll be singing like Beyoncé for you (and will “put their hands up”).


Make the Night Memorable

Take her home to a surprise! Have a second date at home and stimulate her five senses with an idea that she will remember for a long time. You will have an amazing, love-making night if her five senses are in harmony. 


I hope what I shared will bring you closer to that one special girl of your dreams. Remember Valentine’s Day, but always try to make every single moment with your woman memorable. Treat her like YOUR lady and constantly communicate. She will remind you that life is beautiful and worth living, as long as you share a mutual connection