Don’t We Deserve Leaders Like the Trumps of This World?

All Is Connected

Trump is here to guide your own evolution. Don't believe it? Read on...

To Donald Trump political correctness equals weakness. He equates strength with aggression, typifying the narcissistic ‘red’ level of consciousness; think the toddler who will scream and scream until he’s sick to get his own way. For Trump, the world is a jungle where might is right and right now he is king. His consummate anti-politically correct rhetoric makes him the perfect patsy on whom the rest of us can project our own red consciousness.  Only when we acknowledge our own narcissism do we free ourselves to come from a wiser, more compassionate place. Until then maybe we get the leaders we deserve.

We all have red within us because we all go through the toddler stage of development, the ‘terrible twos’, before ascending to more rational and then intuitive levels of awareness. The problem arises when people get stuck at red, as is true for more than 20% of the population. These individuals are exclusively identified with the demands of their ego. A great example is when Yasser Arafat was asked in an interview where he considered the centre of the world to be, and his response was “Wherever I am”. Now, that’s what you call narcissistic red: the whole world revolves around you and to feel ‘secure’ you have to glorify your self while threatening and belittling others. Fortunately there is an innate drive to transcend the tyranny of the little self that identifies only with its own ego.

The trick to transcendence is to admit that you have red in you - because you do. Jung’s term ‘shadow’ refers to all the parts of you that you reject, deny, suppress and project on to others.  You are completely wedded to the story of ‘me’ that your ego has concocted. Whatever doesn’t fit with the story will be suppressed. Fear of your own nasty thoughts actually gives permission to these lunatics in your mental attic, these bats in your belfry to run your life. Fear of the feelings in your own body drives emotions underground where they block your vital energy flow and therefore your growth and development. Emotions should just wash through you as they arise. You should be an open receptive channel for all experience to pass unimpeded through your point of consciousness, your body-mind. But the decision to defend and deny shuts you off from the voice of your own higher wisdom, your intuition. Instead of including yet transcending red to reach higher levels of consciousness, you spend your life blaming others and suffering.

We create suffering by kidding ourselves that we’re far too evolved to possess narcissistic tendencies so we assign them to other people: “Me, angry. Moi? Never! I’m a very peaceful person so if there’s angry energy in the air it must be coming from that bastard over there. It’s nothing to do with me”. The energy of denial clogs up our whole body-mind with poisonous effects. Having angry thoughts whether conscious or not produces chemicals that flood our body with toxins and enter our very cells, producing distress and disease.

So confess that sometimes you think murderous thoughts and you feel jealousy or anger or hatred and that occasionally you could cheerfully strangle someone. Confess it aloud to any living thing, even if it’s to a flower. Sit with your negative emotions, breathe into them, acknowledge them and don’t be afraid that they will overwhelm you. They won’t so long as you allow them their voice. Then they will have completed their Gestalt and be gone. If you become aware of anger, let it speak out loud and really ham up its voice. Be unreasonable, make it vicious and nasty until at some point, maybe not today but someday, you’ll see how irrational and ludicrous your anger is and it will make you laugh. If you can learn to do this with anger, the hardest emotion to own and express, you can do it with any emotion – sadness, fear, envy or whatever and watch it dissipate. This is how you ascend to a higher level of awareness.

Red and all the other lower rungs of the ladder of consciousness have one thing in common: they all think their particular worldview is the only correct one. This leads to very childish bun fights where you take a position that is always in opposition to other perspectives. Political correctness, for example, has become a pejorative term for right wing politicians to use against what they consider to be lily-livered lefties. This identification with only one worldview permeates not only politics but also beliefs of every kind. Things are always either/or, never both/and.  They are either right or left, either good or bad, either heaven or hell. Either you’re with me or you’re against me.  A both/and mentality sees that there are both good elements and bad elements in all political philosophies. The ability to take multiple perspectives, to tolerate apparent ambiguity and to accept that life is mainly paradoxical are all attributes of higher levels of consciousness where life is much more joyful and much more peaceful. At this stage all the previous levels of consciousness can be viewed and synthesised into a higher, more encompassing, more compassionate awareness.

So for everybody’s sake, bring all your shadow elements into the light. Only then will you end the suffering that is guaranteed when a narcissistic ego rules your life. You will still have your red level of consciousness, and sometimes red is a necessary to take action against injustice for example, but you will no longer be dominated by it. You cannot change Donald Trump or anyone else and there is no need to try. All you need do to transform ego into love is to clean up your own shadows. Not only will you set yourself free, but in this inter-connected universe others will be affected by your much-needed loving energy.

Annie-Leigh Longhurst, PhD is a coach, lecturer, facilitator and proud founder of Aha Integral Coaching (AIC) offering cutting edge techniques that transform your life.