How To Put An End To Dates That Flake Out On You

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How to Put an End to Dates that Flake Out on You

It's confusing if a man tells you he's interested in planning a date but doesn't follow through.

The key component to planning a date is that both parties agree to three things: date, time, and location. Otherwise, you don’t have a viable plan.

It’s easy to say something like, "Let’s meet on Thursday. I’ll get back to you with details." The problem is that this doesn't sound like a committed plan to either party. The person asking for the date is less likely to follow through because the particulars are missing.

Many women feel uncomfortable asking a man they barely know for more information. Some men are unsure about how to ask for a date and may be unsure about how to please a woman as he considers when and where the date might take place.

I suggest that when a man asks for a date you say, "That sounds great. I’m going to put this on my calendar right now. What time would you prefer to meet?"

Then you can have a settle on a time that works for both of you.

If this discussion hasn’t inspired him to suggest places to meet, ask him where he wants to join you. If he doesn’t know your neighborhood or asks for suggestions, give him three choices with varying price ranges and activities. 

For example, "I’d love to join you for a walk or meet at a wine bar or a cafe."

Dinner isn’t a good first date activity unless you have previously met in person and know that you would enjoy spending a couple of hours together. It’s hard to end a dinner date early if you find out that you have nothing in common.

While you can’t completely avoid flaky dates, the key to having fewer of them is in how you set them up. It makes a difference when you commit to a day, time and place when you first plan it.

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