Reprogram Your Weight Loss Mind-Set


When you can regain control of your thoughts, the weight starts to come off.

Have you struggled for years with your weight and try almost every diet and weight-loss method under the sun? Have you changed your  diet and joined the gym, and the weight is still there, or it keeps coming back?

The truth of the matter is: the biggest thing that helps shift weight is through understanding the reasons why you are eating so much. If you do not address your personal issues (ex: what are the causes of your unhappiness, anger, sadness, frustration, whatever it is), you will tranquilize your problems by comfort eating.

Addressing what’s going on deep down is something slimming clubs don’t do. You join, spend lots of money, have a miserable time sticking to boring diets, and then when you lose the weight and leave the weight-loss club, the weight usually piles back on, and each time you put the weight back on, you feel frustrated, knocked-back, and feel that there is little point in trying again.

Weight-management coaching is about dealing with underlying emotional and psychological issues that cause weight gain. When you are able to resolve your personal problems, the weight starts to come off.

It is also about providing support to overcome the challenges of weight-loss.

And of course, it is about embracing a healthier lifestyle: sustainable lifestyle changes, diet, basic nutrition and exercise.

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