It's Fall, the Season of Metal!


4 Ways to benefit from the Fall/Metal Energy.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the 5 Elements theory establishes a close link between fall, the lungs, large intestine, metal, white, the skin, decision making, letting go, values & principles money, cleansing...

That Metal energy is at its peak in our bodies every day from 3am to 7am. Early wake-ups and Tai Chi in the park are particularly suitable!

How can you make the best out of Fall?

  • Take time every day to breathe slowly and deeply, especially in the early morning. As you inhale the fresh autumn air, feel it energizing and cleansing your body and mind. Feel the old negativity, impurity, leave you.
  • Go through your stuff and unclutter: closets, cabinets, shelves, desks, garage, cellar, any storage area, and sort out. Donate, sell or throw away what you no longer need. Or recycle.
  • Do the same with your mental: try to objectively recognize any old stuff stored in your psyche (resentments, prejudices, hatreds, jealousies). When possible, contact those involved and try to resolve the hurtful old issues. Then let them go. For issues you cannot resolve, write them on paper. Be as specific as possible. Then burn the paper, symbolically releasing the content.
  • Make decisions. Have you been wanting to change jobs, find a nicer home, improve your looks, learn a new skill, buy a new car, leave your partner, make a baby? Whaetever it is, process the issue and make a decision. The Metal Energy is working for you!

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