5 Tips To Enhance Your Facial Fitness Program


Facial fitness programs are fun to do! But the face is delicate & fragile: handle it with care...

Many facial fitness and rejuvenation programs and styles are available now, and the choice is yours. However, the skin on your face is delicate and fragile. Massaging, touching, rubbing, pressing in this area should be done with care!

Furthermore, the face, skull and neck include dozens of acupuncture points (not to mention at least 50 on the ears!), that are in direct connection with your inner vital force and balance.

So there are a few guidelines to follow to enhance the effect of your facial rejuvenation program.

Get Prepared:
Begin any facial fitness exercise by washing your hands and face in warm water with a mild soap. Rinse in cool water, then lightly moisturize your face if desired. Try to use organic soap and cream.

Avoid Pulling Your Skin:
During the facial massage, release your pressure before repositioning your hand, to avoid dragging the skin. When you massage gently but firmly into the muscle, it enhances the relationship between the skin, connective tissue and muscle, resulting in increased circulation and toning.

Do the massage and exercise movements slowly. Better results will be achieved by practicing the facial fitness exercises and massage in slow motion. Gradually apply pressure to the points. Facial muscles respond to slow, conscious movements, sensitivity and care.

Breathe Deeply:
Concentrate on breathing slowly and deeply while you practice your program. Deep breathing helps to regulate your metabolism, enhancing the benefits of the exercises and massage.

Use A Mirror:
For the first two weeks, practice facial exercises in front of a mirror when possible. By watching yourself do the exercises you can gain greater control of the techniques. By watching closely, you will be able to visualize the routine.

Once you learn a program, practice the exercises with your eyes closed to gain greater control and enable you to concentrate on the internal mechanisms of each exercise. If you get lax or bored from practicing, use the mirror close to your face for gaining further input and a new perspective.

Deep Relaxation Is Essential:
You will enjoy the routine more and receive greater benefits by allowing yourself to deeply relax. Whenever possible, create a comfortable, private environment in which to practice your facial rejuvenation program. Following your routine, give yourself at least a few minutes to deeply relax on your back with your eyes closed.

When you have only a couple of minutes at the end of the routine to relax, you can let yourself relax in a sitting position. First, rub the palms of your hands together briskly to create heat. Close your eyes and immediately place your hands lightly over your face as you breathe deeper than you normally breathe.

After a minute, let your hands float into your lap and completely relax for a couple of minutes to discover the benefits.

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