The 2 Minute Mini-Meditation For Dummies


Can't meditate? Don't have time? Learn this simple exercise and clear your mind!

Do you feel overwhelmed? Stressed? Need to pause for a moment? This mini-meditation is for those who find it difficult to meditate the academic way, and/or have little time to do it.

Meditation is a powerful source of health and well-being. Even if you do not have enough free time to practice regularly and fully, a few moments of deep breathing while working on specific acupressure points are enough to help you calm down and center.

This mini-meditation takes a few minutes only, and can be practiced anywhere: sitting at your desk, in a taxi, lying on a bed or on a sofa.

It is easy to do, and it stimulates two important acupressure points/chakras: the Third Eye (between the eyebrows), and the Hara (below the navel).

Give yourself this moment:

  • Stand up or sit down in a comfortable seat, close your eyes.
  • Gently put the pulp of your middle finger on the Third Eye (between the eyebrows), and the palm of your other hand on the Hara (between the navel and the pubic bone).
  • Take 5 long… deep…. breaths…

That's it!

Smile, you just gave yourself a beautiful present!


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