Top 5 Reasons You Should Have More Sex

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Here are 5 more amazing reasons you should get it on as much as possible.

[Contributed by: Most Brave Girl]

Nothing is sexier than science, right? RIGHT? I would be totally down to date science if it was a person. Here are the top five reasons you should listen to science and get down to business.

1. It Will Make You Feel Better. Having sex releases endorphins into your body, which are nature’s feel-good, pain-killing hormones. Sorry, ladies in sitcoms, but having a headache won’t get you out of having sex with your disproportionately uglier-than-you husband anymore. A study reported that among people who suffer from migraines, more than half experienced significant improvement in their symptoms if they had sex during an episode.

2. It Will Bring You Closer Together. When you orgasm, your system gets flooded with oxytocin, the hormone associated with bonding and attachment in men and women. Our brains want our emotional intimacy with whoever we’re banging to match the intensity of our physical intimacy, which oftentimes makes the sex that much better.

3. It Will Make You Giddy. All of the endorphins that you enjoy during and after sex help relieve stress. Dopamine in particular makes you feel so awesome that its effects have been compared to those of cocaine. It’s associated with romantic love, the kind that makes you dizzy, giggly and borderline obnoxiously in love your partner.

4. It Will Help You Stay Sexy. By having sex now, you’re basically guaranteeing yourself an abundance of tail in the future. Having sex slows the aging process. Volunteer judges in a few different studies guessed the ages of people having frequent sex as seven to twelve years younger than they actually were.

5. It Will Keep You Healthy. Regular sex can boost your immune system by up to 30%. Men who get lucky three times a week or more cut their risk of heart attack and stroke in half and frequent ejaculation can prevent prostate cancer. The orgasm wonder-hormone oxytocin also prevents breast cancer in women.

There are tons of other reasons to have more sex, like because it’s fun and it’s good exercise. But you should let science get your motor running because it’s doing everything it can to get you laid. It’s not science’s fault if you have a disgusting rat tail.

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