Summer Love

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Warm weather got you in the mood? Venture outside and share your summer with someone sexy!

[Contributed by: Most Brave Girl]

When the weather heats up, your love life should be heating up too! Here’s why it’s easy and fun to pursue a summer romance:

  • There’s more stuff to do. Take advantage of all of the organized summertime activities like concerts, festivals and markets. In the wintertime you can’t just wander around outside looking for love, but in the summer, cruising for tail at a street fair is a perfectly legitimate dating strategy.
  • Being outside is a date now. You’re never stuck with the dinner-and-a-movie routine because you can do anything outside and it counts as a date. You outside? Boom. Date. Just FYI, you’ve now been on several adorably accidental dates with your neighbor. Also, now that you’re spending so much time outside, chances are high that you’ll get hit in the face with a frisbee. A bloody nose might be gross at the time but it’s still a pretty cute “how we met” story.
  • In the summer, there are more people out and about, looking at everyone in their sexy summer outfits. So there’s a huge pool of people checking you out and they’ve all got sex on the brain? You’re bound to find a new summer nighttime skinny-dipping partner.
  • Group activities are popular in the summer, so not only do you meet more people, it’s a really low-pressure way to scope out your options. You can go out on casual, unofficial group dates with the whole volleyball team before picking out one person in particular to smooch in the shade.
  • You are happier. Your mood has probably been suffering a bit all winter from the lack of sunlight. The changing of the seasons can drastically influence your mental health, but now is the time to let go of your wintertime blues! Greet the sun with a fresh face and a fresh attitude. Now that you’re constantly doused in ever-so-pleasant sunbeams and rainbows, it’s less likely that your gloomy winter brain will dampen the sexy summer chemistry you’re trying to spark with someone new.
  • Summer flings are, by default, flings. They’re a great way to sharpen your relationship chops without worrying about getting serious. You get to practice all the fun stuff like flirting and sex without feeling too bad about keeping it light. Be playful in a breezy summer relationship. Take a risk. Date someone you wouldn’t ordinarily date. You have a foolproof out when the summer ends (if you want to take it), you’ll learn something new about yourself and who knows? If you have enough fun, you just might want to carry that summer fling all the way through the fall.

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