How Do You Get A Boyfriend?

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Use these 6 simple steps and get the man you've been wanting all along! No more missed chances.

Ways to Get a Boyfriend

The digital world we live in makes dating even harder! Before you just met someone. Maybe through friends, maybe at a party, but there wasn't even a thought of dating online. Now you're competing with online sites, matchmaking services and even cellphone apps!  And most women are looking for good guys (not players!)…. So use these 5 tips to get ahead of the competition and get the great boyfriend you've been looking for.

1. Date, date, date, date, date!

There is no way for you to meet the man of your dreams without trying. Nothing good comes that easy! Just think about how hard it is to meet a really good friend. No wonder it's so hard to meet a potential boyfriend

2. Prioritize Dating

Dating must be your #1 priority. Men like women who show up, since they are naturally more active than women. So go out with the intention of meeting people. Just try it, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

3. Flirting

You can't just go out, you have to flirt. You have to signal to a guy that you like him and it's okay to approach you. Men, whether they'll admit it or not, are terrified of rejection. So if you want him to come up to you, show him that you want him to and he will.

Bat your eyelashes, smile, let him catch your eye. There are so many ways to flirt and if you have no idea how to flirt or show him that you're interested fake it until you know how.

4. The Chase

You have to let him chase, you have to let him invest time and effort in you. You still need to be responsive and flirt with him but don't call or text him all the time. Sit back and let him come to you.

5. Be Fun

You have to be the most fun and interesting when you are together! Know how to give him a good time so he will want to spend more time with you. So... absolutely no complaining! No saying he doesn’t call enough, or complaining about your friends, nothing! Show him that you're easy going and can be happy in any situation.

6. He Doesn't Owe You

Just because you’re dating he doesn’t owe you anything. He doesn’t have to call all the time, he doesn’t have to take you out every day. Everything he gives you is a gift! Even once you’re in a relationship remember he owes you nothing, then you will treasure every moment you spend together.

Follow these 6 simple steps and you will get the boyfriend you’ve been looking for all along.

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