How To Date Online


I know it can be scary to date online but use these 3 simple tips and it'll be fun and easy!

Remember how people used to hide about having a psychologist or therapist? And now everyone says "Oh, my therapist said..." Especially in big cities, everyone is going. No one is shy about it. It’s the same with online dating. When I got into this industry no one said they dated online. Today, everyone is online and no longer afraid to admit it.

So maybe you’re still weary of joining an online dating site or not seeing the results you want, through my research I have found these are the most important steps when it comes to online dating. Use these 3 tips and you’ll be on your way.

1. How to Choose the Site for You

I personally recommend that you go on the bigger sites such as and eharmony because if you’re looking for love you are looking for someone else looking for the same thing. People on paid sites are more serious about finding love, that's why they've invested in it. Also, you're probably looking for specific qualities in a partner so it’ll be better to choose from a larger pool of candidates.

There are some good free sites, but these are often more casual dating and hook up sites so make sure to ask around first.

If you’re limited on time, eharmony is good because they will send you matches daily. If you’re more active and want to go through profiles, is a great choice for you.

2. Having a Great Picture

You wouldn't believe how many horrible pictures I have seen! Honestly, you'd be shocked. You can take a great picture now with your phone, so there is no excuse. All you need is 5 pictures that are a good representation of your personality.

Use the following: one headshot, a hobby that you do, possibly a professional photo, a photo of you going out and one more of your choice. Just make sure you look great and no one else is in the pictures with you! It’s all about you.

3. The Profile

Maybe you have a great picture, but your profile is what will lead someone to send you a message. So don't rush this important section. Your profile should be short, fun, exciting and shouldn’t give away too much. Make them want more! Then they’ll send you a message.

One in six couples meet online. So what are you waiting for?

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