3 Kissing Tips To Wow Your Man


It's time to go back to the basics, kissing. Use these tips and you'll keep him coming back for more

Do you ever feel like you and your beau are hitting a love rut? You’ve been going out for a while now, beyond the honeymoon phase and need to spice things up? Or you’ve been married for years and feel a little distant? Well, it’s time to bring the fireworks back to your relationship and what better place to start than the very beginning… kissing.

From the days you learn nursery rhymes to teasing your peers on the playground the song of two people sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G has been engrained in our minds. So when did we forget? Couples and singles alike often underestimate the importance and attachment they can feel when kissing someone they love. Follow these 3 tips and be sure to wow him with your next kiss.

1. Kiss Lightly

Maybe you both just came home from a long day at work, instead of just saying hello. Take him by surprise, kiss him! Start slow, with very light kisses. Keep it this way or speed things up and see where it takes you. If it takes him by too much surprise, try it out the next day. Don’t get discouraged. It’s easy to feel rejected if your man isn’t receptive at first. Once he has a chance to think it over, you better be there to do it again!

2. Hold On

Stop rushing away from kisses, hugs, holding hands and any other kind of physical affection. After years or days together we often take our ability to connect for granted. So kiss a little longer! Maybe its 30 seconds of your day, maybe it turns into an hour rolling around on the couch. You’ll never know until you try.

3. Pull Out All the Stops

Who ever said kissing was limited to a quick peck on the lips? That’s right, no one. So go for it! Trace kisses from his lips down his neck, bite his lip, nibble on his ear… the list could keep going or you can go try it for yourself. If you aren’t normally the neck kisser/ear biter type, seriously try it out! Start slow, maybe a few here or there, but get into it.

The importance of physical connections as simple as kissing should never be forgotten! Kissing can help calm the resentment that builds up in relationships and using these easy kissing tips, you’ll both feel butterflies again. So kiss him every hour, every day, forever and be as close as you were the first time the two of you kissed.

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