The 3 G's: How To Get To A More Fulfilling Life

We're all very happy

If you want to have a deeper level of happiness in your life, follow this easy guide.

We are told that we should be seeking happiness but have you ever achieved a state of happiness and thought, " is this it, now what?". What if we were not truly seeking happiness ? What are we truly seeking ? In my opinion we are truly seeking a sense of fulfillment.

What is the difference ? Happiness is based on external factors like getting married, a new house, new car, money, a new relationship, etc. Fulfillment comes from within and is far more powerful and deeper, as well as being self generated which allows us to be more in control.

But has anyone ever told us how to reach fulfillment? Is their a fast track?

In my personal search to overcome extreme adversity I realized there are 3 pathways to reach fulfillment. If you excel in these 3 pathways, I guarantee that you will reach levels of joy that you have only experienced fleetingly. How great would it be that you could be in charge of your own fulfillment, just by having the awareness of how to reach that goal?

The 3 pathways are -

1. Give

You have to give your time, energy, love, kindness, joy, happiness, money, compassion, and humor away so that others will benefit. If you do this, you will receive much more than you give, but it has to be a gift with no desire for wanting something in return. We have all experienced the joy we get when we perform acts of kindness. Here are some exercises to get you on your way:

a) Perform 5 acts of random kindness.

b) Be kinder, gentler, and more loving towards the people you meet.

c) Be kinder, gentler, and more loving towards yourself.

d) Go help out someone or somewhere ( charity, church, community) .

2. Gratitude -

You have to be grateful for what you have instead of focusing on what you don't. We often compare ourselves to what others seem to have, but that can never be empowering, as someone will always have more. Always. I was once suicidal and kept focusing on what I had lost and what others had that I no longer had. It was incredibly painful. My wife, Meena, was able to shift my focus to what I had left and to be grateful that I had her and our two beautiful children as well. They would stand by me no matter what. It was an immediate change of feeling. The pain disappeared as my focus instantly change from loss to abundance. Here is an exercise for you 

a. Write down 10 things you can be grateful for right now. 

b. Write down how you felt after writing the above.

c. Call someone you are grateful to have.

3. Grow -

You have to grow! The four parts to grow are: 


Write down your emotions during the day - which emotion do you spend a lot of time on? What emotions are not serving you? Could you spend less time with the negative emotions and more time with the positive ones? What triggered the negative and positive emotions? By being aware of your emotions and changing your focus you will have power to change how you feel in an instant.


Are you physically fit? What area of your fitness and health do you need to work on? Are you fit but not healthy? When would be a good time to start looking after your health?

Spiritual -

Are you spiritually strong? What could you do more to be more spiritual? Do you meditate? Could you be kinder, gentler, more forgiving, listen better, communicate better, be calmer and more peaceful? 

Mental - 

What do you think about during the day? Do you think positively or negatively? Are you focused? Are you mentally agile? Do you take any form of medications or drugs that inhibit your mental ability?  Do you read or listen to inspirational content? Are you learning new ways and ideas? Are you seeking knowledge?

Have a look at your life and see what area of your life needs the most work. Do you need to focus on your health? Do you need emotional growth? This will bring more clarity. Focus on this area to get the fastest results. This is a very easy and powerful way to reach fulfillment as you have a much clearer understanding on what areas of your life you need to work on. The results are rapid and lasting. Please keep referring to these three G’s. Anytime you are feeling unhappy, sad, confused, confronted, lost, etc., will indicate that one of these three G’s is missing. Just ask yourself which of these G’s is missing. You then know what to do and how to get into the place that truly deserve.

Anil works with successful individuals and companies to create rapid and lasting change through methodologies he has developed in his seminars. He has been featured on Sky TV, Fox TV, Harvard as well as being author of best seller, Immediate Happiness. He travels all over the world and has many well known clients. He gets to the heart of the matter and leaves people living a richer, fuller, happier, and abundant life whereby they get to live their lives at a much higher level. To discover how happy you really are please collect your happiness score here.