What Now?


It is incredibly wonderful to be this full of life and positive, uplifting energy that it can be shared from one person to the next. But what happens after the meeting or the webinar and you need to get back to your life? You feel inspired and you feel an incredible urge to share that feeling with someone...you look around at who may be available for a chat and you start checking them off for this reason or that.

Examine just for a moment, those life forces that you may be able to positivly impact for no other reason than because you can.

When I looked around I saw my daughter, almost as if I were seeing her for the first time and what I saw floored me. She is soooo not a little girl anymore at 12 years old and I had missed out on a lot by being metaphorically dead to the world. I recently discovered that my daughter has a passion for the guitar and singing, which runs deep in her DNA but that I had never thought to consider introducing into her life on a regular basis as a way to help HER to grow.

How exciting is that?

It amazes me how much we miss when we forget that it is of ourselves that the Universe ask us to share. My Nana has changed so much and she is fully aware that even though my body has been here all along,


My husband reacted badly at first, having no idea what to do with a wife who was so emotionally and energetically charged. He had become comfortable with not feeling passion for me and he felt secure in my predictable behavior. My lethargy alllowed him to sleep in ingorant bliss as well. He was a little nervous and unsure because he had become accustommed to my almost comatose style of existing, and I now have purpose, am following through, and have evidence that piles up every day, DECLARING that I have met with my purpose.

My self and my home, my child and my spouse, my friends and my family will all feel the benefits. I did not answer the Universe to become famous, to make a fortune, or to rule the world, but rather to LIVE in the world as it is filled with joy and a positive light that I can spread around. Who better than to shine all of this love on than on me and those that are closest to me? Want some? Be Lifted!