Anxious? Depressed? Live in Now and What You Know!


Many of us battle feeling anxious and/or depressed. This one simple tip can help you win the war.

Every so often, almost always when I'm in session, a new (at least to me) phrase will pop into my head. More often than not, that "new" phrase comes spilling out of my mouth fairly soon thereafter. I've been fortunate in these little “electrical storms” of my brain-that's how I describe these moments of only slightly less than genius-that many have seemed to resonate with my clients and then gained traction. Let me just inject a disclaimer here... I say "new to me" purposely. I believe in the moment (and most often beyond) that I have just come up with this particular stringing together of words, but I do not rule out the possibility that I have heard these nuggets from far more insightful folks and that they just got tucked into the recesses of the vast caverns of my brain. Moving along...

One said storm a couple of years ago produced, "Live in now and what you know". This particular client and session was surrounding, as one might guess, anxiety. I have seen a saying floating around the internet (which I am not at all claiming to be a product of my sometimes firing brain) which says something to the effect of, "If you're depressed you're living in the past. If you're anxious you're living in the future... ". I'm sure that's the root of this specific neural pathway of mine. "Live in now and what you know" has seemingly been a helpful phrase for several of my clients. The basis for this assertion, similar to how I have judged the efficacy of other “sparks of genius”, is how frequently my clients say it back to me in the course of subsequent sessions. Other highly scientific measures of efficacy include “That’s going on a sticky note!” and “That should be on a t-shirt/bumper sticker!”.

When you think about it, whether you're someone who struggles with a little bit or a great deal of anxiety/depression/fill in the bank, simply living/existing/focusing on the present and what you know to be true-not suspect, suppose, or anticipate to be true is a great practice. Living in the now is a great way to practice gratitude, stay centered, and keep yourself from borrowing trouble from things that may or may not ever come to realization. How much more peaceful might your daily life be if you began living in the now and ONLY in the now? For me, I can attest to being much more grateful and peaceful when I practice this intentionally.

So... if you begin to feel yourself stressing out, becoming tense, or feeling overwhelmed take a moment to ask yourself "where" you are living and with what quality of thought. Do you know that you will fail your test? Do you know that your boss will dismiss your new idea? Do you know that your spouse/partner/crush will reject your affection? If you do not know this, if you do not possess any actual knowledge that any of the above will happen with 100% certainty, then bring yourself back to the present with the information you have at hand. Live in the now and what you know and welcome the peace and gratitude that come with this shift. My tiny population of clients can't all be wrong.

This article was originally published at My original content on Ezine Articles from March 2013. Minor edits were made for this submission.. Reprinted with permission from the author.