Hey Cougar.....Why You Need To Try Cyber Sex

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Are you a Cougar who is a little shy about finding a Cub?

Phone Chimes:  Incoming Text

He:  What's a little harmless cuddling between two consenting cuddlers?

Something inside of me melted when I read it.  This handsome, much younger man wanted to be with me.  As a new Cougar, I felt a bit of disbelief.  Could he really want me?  Why?

In spite of myself, I could feel my resistance melting away.  A part of me wanted him too.

He: I don't bite.  Unless you want me too...

Texting is so fun.  I love the distance and the flirtiness.  My Cub is smart.  He is not pressuring me and I love that.  He checks in with me at the end of the day mostly to see how my day was.  I like the attention.

He:  You aren't really that shy are you?

In a word, yes.  My age makes me a Cougar but my experience with men has made me doubtful, careful and unsure.  A fresh divorce from an angry guy with no sex drive (no wonder he was angry) makes me gun shy.  

I am lonely and I love sex.  I have a Cub who seems attracted to me but I wear the doubt, caution and insecurity like an armor to stay safe.

Texting with him lets me stay distant and in control.  It is fun, feels naughty and lets me open up at my pace.

He, like many male sexters I meet, skipped right over the all important Setting The Stage Step and was out of sync with me at first.

Once I explained myself and clued him in on my personal turn ons and turn offs, something magical happened. Knowing this adorable younger man was on the other side of the computer and all he wanted was for me to let orgasm happen melted me.

The first time I tried Cyber Texting that turned orgasmic, I was shocked.

Waves of crazy anticipatory chemistry knowing your partner is with you in real time and all about your pleasure. Holy Crap. I fell in love with the ellipsis, that sweet dot dot dot that shows up while your partner is typing what will happen next.

I was completely alone in the experience physically but my cyber sex buddy was right there and cheering me on from a 1000 miles away.  I found a Cougar-Cub connection that was ok for me.

I felt safe and relaxed like never before and I coasted into a matchless body state that lasted and lasted.  My Cub didn’t ask for anything in return. He seemed genuinely wowed by my experience.  Since then, I have returned the favor many times.  He is a great sex buddy, check it out: Dear Fantasy Lover

And meeting up in person? Maybe one day we will hang out but until I am ready to be with someone physically again, I plan on having some some great sexual fun and enjoy the anonymity the internet offers.

For the women like me, who are good girls, easily put off by vulgarity and traditional soft core porn, texting with a mystery man is like being written into a romance novel.  Tease us and please us and we will rock your world...safe sex...great sex....yay for sex!

Have you experienced a younger man?  How was it for you?