Ladies: 5 Tips To Join In The Cyber Sex Revolution


If you are among the 51% of women who are single and want to have sex while you are waiting for the next man to show up....Read on:

Cyber sex offers the chance to have a person at the other end of a text window to engage and entertain you for dare I say it….Fun. 

Sex for fun's sake. 

No agenda.  No voices.  No names.  No relationship.  No future or past.  Using a made up name  you choose from many cyber sites for consenting adults. and anonymously find just about whatever you are looking for.

Now me?  I am very discriminating, some would call me a Cougar.  I like a man with a slow hand, and curious and bright mind.  I like to engage my imagination and create a story line and a character for the man who is texting me.

I have had to politely decline many guys who reached out to my profile but I found just what I was looking for and started having amazing sex on my agenda.

Why should you wait to let yourself enjoy sex until the next man comes along?  It feels great to having sex, safely and regularly.

Think of it this way, how much better will you be to move at a slow pace with the next man in your life.  A sexually satisfied woman makes better choices with her real time men.

Cyber-sex is not perfect and can't replace physically embracing a loving man.  It is fun when it is done right and being sexual is a great antidepressant!

If you want to try the cyber sexting, here are some tips to help you start out….

1.  Create an anonymous gmail account for privacy.  You will want to be on a password protected site and can use a made up gmail account as your contact.  You can have that gmail account forwarded to your regular email so you won't have to check multiple accounts.  It can't hurt to look around.  There is something for just about every taste out there.

2.  Start visiting erotic blogs.  Find an author that you enjoy and see if she has a blog you can follow.  Keep watering the garden.  Your imagination can use a good spring cleaning and all that sexual energy will motivate you in many ways.  The internet has a lot more than porn and smut, though there is lots of that out there.  Being able to surf the internet at home and find fun, romantic and erotic material for free is great fun. Check out: Angel's Fantasyland

3.  Creating the connection:  Who do you wish you could be with?  If you are having trouble getting aroused when texting with a new play mate, try pretending it is someone you have real time attraction to.   is Is it a former lover?  A man you can't have though you long to with all your heart?  A movie star or rock icon?   If you can't be with the one you love, right?

4. Your sexual experience is exactly that…..YOURS. Own it.  You are the only one who can stop letting men control when you have great sex.  Role playing with creative, intelligent, willing and funny men with the sex toy du jour is amazing.  A text date with a skilled virtual partner who puts your needs ahead of his own and romances you with playful texts  is intoxicating and sizzling hot.  

5.  Tell him what you like.  I know it is a little scary but SO worth it.  Start off saying, "I know it will be super hot when you….."  or "I have three wishes for the next time we are together."  I have a sext buddy right now with great potential.  He texts as if he is with me and touches me everywhere but down there...which sizzles.  He is playful, flirty and tells me how beautiful I am.  The texts get heated as the story unfolds and he is very, very good.  So what's the problem? 

The last time we texted, he spent a lot of time telling me about how hard he was and how good boinking felt.  The timing was off and the fire went out.  He is really sweet and good at the playful naughty texting that sizzles between us I don't want to hurt his feelings but I need something different to heat me up.  So, when he asks me if it was good, the fairest thing I can do it to tell him that his mouth is way more erotic to me than his throbbing manhood.  I can't wait to tell him my three wishes. 

PS  How do you start? I like to tell the guy that I just got home from a long day at work and ask them what they had in mind to help me relax.  If they get sexual too quick, I just say, playfully of course, "Easy, Tiger…I'm not ready for that yet."  The right partner will get it and back off to meet you where you are.

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