Hey, Guys! Here's How To Text To Turn Her On - Use This Script*

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You can thank me later!

When you are away from your woman, even when you both are at work, why not spin her some devious erotic stories and text them to her—slowly—one hot juicy morsel after another? Tease her with timing! Here is an example of just such a story written recently by a hot literotica writer I know.  (Hot Tip:  Leave lots of time between each text. Make her crazy)

Hey Baby.....

Just thinking about you....

'What sensitive spot of your luscious body craves some attention today?'

(From Angel: I don't know about you but if my man texted this to me in the middle of my work day, I would be melting on the spot!)

That spot that makes you tremble when my lips get close.

That makes you moan and giggle out loud when I tease you by getting close,
lingering by...

...and then retreating and repeating.

What spot makes you grab my head as I brush by your delicious morsel of flesh softly, slowly and accidentally?

Whose lips and tongue raise goose bumps on your inner thighs?

Who makes you pant with desire? (Click here if you love to be teased.)

Where is the epicenter of your anatomy which, when I finally envelop it with my mouth...

...sucking softly, rhythmically matching the upward thrust of your hips...

...makes your fingertips tingle, your eyelids flutter and a moan escape your lips.

What warm piece of you thrills as I suck you in my mouth, tasting you with my tongue?

Who loves it as blood rushes to your taut nipples, raises the hair in the small of your back and unleashes a torrent of honey?

That is the part of you I want to visit.

I can't wait to get my hands on you.

IMPORTANT TIP:  Guys, only use this script once you have already had sex with your woman.  This is way too intimate for a first time encounter.  But once you two are into erotic play, there is something very hot about the wait between messages! You can learn to be a master of erotica and romancing and have some real fun! Good luck. (More Great Sex Tips, Check This Video)

This article was originally published at Angel's Fantasyland. Reprinted with permission from the author.