Having Sex Boosts Old Peoples Health We Should Be Talking About It

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Most of us will React Positively of Seeing a Couple in Love...

Older People Should Have Regular Sex – Here Is Why

Imagine this scenario – you are sitting at the beach minding your own business when you notice a young couple hugging or kissing nearby. Most of us will react positively of seeing a couple in love. Now imagine the same situation, but with a couple that is more than 60 years old individually. Regardless of your reaction, the chances are that you haven’t seen the latter so often.  

Sexuality is a complicated issue, but the core truth of humans being sexual entities cannot be denied. Urges and instincts do not stop when you get older, which is good because having sex can improve your health even at a later age.

Sex Is an Exercise

Nobody argues that sex is a type of working out – in fact, there are some reports that sex is the best form of exercise. The jury is still out on that simple because the duration and energy expenditure during sex significantly varies. And let’s face it, most intercourses do not last that long since not everyone is a porn star.  

However, sexual intercourse sex requires movement, which puts it into the category of exercise. As a result, it may contribute to your overall health, quality of life, and even a positive mood. You should aim to have as much sex as possible – if you feel like it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be enjoying your time in the bedroom every day.

It Improves Your Mood

Physical health is extremely important, but it equally matters how you feel. You can find numerous studies out there who confirm that happiness is directly related to sexual activity in older adults. You will subjectively feel happier after intercourse, which will automatically decrease anxiety and stress, as well as provide relief from depression-like symptoms.

Having regular sex can also boost your self-confidence. It is simple – sex implies that you are wanted by someone else and there is no better way of boosting your self-esteem, especially when you are older.

You Can Strengthen the Bond with Your Partner

It is just like when you are young – holding hands is a way of boosting the feeling of attachment, but so is intimacy. Having a sexual relationship contributes to strengthening and maintaining the bond you have developed with your partner. When you are over 50, you may experience certain limitations, but even that shouldn’t stop you – find a way around them to continue physical intimacy.

Experts believe that social isolation can affect your physical health negatively. Loneliness is a far bigger problem than we ever thought, which is why you should maintain a strong bond with your loved one. Interpersonal intimacy is an excellent way to do that.

It Will Boost Your Heart Health

You might have read a piece of news or two that older people had heart attacks during intercourse. The truth is that can happen anytime, but experts suggest that there is no direct correlation involved. If anything, sex can help to decrease the risk of developing heart disease and having a heart attack. As we already mentioned it is a form of physical activity, which is a recommended way to promote your overall health and longevity.

It Makes You Look Younger

Sex promotes the release of dopamine, which helps you feel better. Additionally, it is a form of exercise and that promotes overall physical health. The chemical reaction it starts can contribute to making you look and feel younger. There is a study that confirms that those who spend some time in the bedroom at least three times a week look approximately 10 years younger than their inactive counterparts.  

Sexual Myths Related to Older People

There are several myths that are related to older people and their sexuality. Perhaps the most common one is that they are not as desirable as young folks. There is no doubt that their general desirability may not be on the same level, but even 70-year old guys or girls can be attractive to their peers.  

Another misconception is that older people do not have any desire to indulge in sexual activities. While there are certain indications that the desire may decrease over time, it doesn’t mean that it completely goes away.  

However, there are tricks to increase sexual stamina, such as performance tools, supplements, and lubrication. With a little bit of effort, older people can return the sexual desire and performance levels they had in the prime of their life. Even sex itself is related to boosted levels of testosterone, a hormone that plays a vital role in optimizing overall health over time.


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Sex education often covers teaching us how to protect ourselves from STDs and pregnancy but fails to tell us more about human sexuality over time. Hopefully, this article provided additional information that you needed to confirm that regular sex is not dangerous for older people. On the contrary, it can only have positive effects on their physical health and wellness.  
So, if you are wondering when is the right time to invite your partner to the bedroom again, forget about your years and do it right away!