Four Vital Tips To Deal With A Child Who Is A Picky Eater

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Here Are Some Tips That You Can Use To Make Your Kid Less Picky When It Comes To Food...

Is it time for celebration in your home each time when your child accepts a new type of food? You are not the only parent dealing with this problem – some children are picky eaters. Without the desire to enter into reasons for this problem, here are some tips that you can use to make your kid less picky when it comes to food.

Let Them Come to You

Parents are afraid that their child will go hungry, which is why they are constantly offering them some food. If anything, the kid always has access to snacks, such as biscuits and juices. If you consider your children are often munching something, it doesn’t come as strange that they won’t be hungry when the time for dinner comes.

The truth is that kids, in most cases, are not shy from telling us they are hungry. Instead of forcing them to eat at a particular time, allow them to come to you. Not only they will learn to listen to their bodies, but you will also notice them not being so picky. Adults also agree to eat something they don’t like when they are hungry and there is no reason why children wouldn’t do the same.

Since we mentioned snacks, keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you should forbid your kid to eat any. As long as you are keeping track of what they consumed, children should be allowed snacking between meals as it can contribute to their overall development.

Make an Event Out of a Meal

Your child may be more tempted to eat if the meal is one of the activities to do with your family. Try to make an event out of it – let them know during the day that you will have a family dinner. Perhaps you can even allow them to participate in preparing meals. When choosing foods to serve, always include several choices with one dish that your child already likes.

Once the time for dinner comes, treat them like an adult. Each kid should have its own dinner set (consider plastic knives and forks only if you feel like it is a must). The feeling like they are equal to adults might motivate them to try a new dish. They might also like the event so much that they don’t even notice what they are eating.

Keep in mind that it may not work the first time. Even if your child sticks only to the dish they already tried, let them be. The statistics show family and communal dinners in general increase the odds of them trying new food, so just be patient.

Consider the Aesthetic Appeal  

Who doesn’t love when their food is nicely arranged on a plate and looks like it is served at a premium restaurant? The aesthetic appeal may cause immediate hunger even though we hadn’t felt hungry a couple of seconds before that. This can also be effective with kids, which is why you should consider spicing up the look of the meals you are serving.

For example, if you want them to try new fruits, why not make them a colorful fruit salad? You can be as creative as you want or you can head online and search for tips on how to arrange fruits to look tempting. In some cases, it may even work to allow your kid to pluck brussels sprouts from the stalk.

Whether you are parenting teenagers or pre-school children, presentation of food can be equally important as its taste. This is something you should utilize to your advantage – there is a good chance it will work and your picky eater will not give you so many problems when it comes to choosing food.

Take Advantage of Similar Foods

The final approach you can try is to gradually get them used to new food. There is a so-called food chain approach that parents utilize to get their children to try new dishes.

Here is an example – let’s say that your kid loves French fries, but you only served them a certain brand so far. Start by offering them another brand to make them realize it is the same food with a small difference in size and shape.  

Once they accept other brands, try making baked potato for dinner. Take the time to explain them it is French fries, but the only difference is they need to cut it themselves. From that point on, you can experiment with mash potato, quiche, and other dishes made of potato. Who knows, you may even manage to make them try some gravy or sauce.


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In most cases, picky eating is just a result of your child’s caprices. With the help of the strategies mentioned in this article should help you to make them try new dishes. However, if it seems that their food problem is severe and the picking affects their health, it would be wise to talk to a medical professional. They will know how to diagnose the root of the issue and figure out the right treatment.