YourTango's Holiday Party

YourTango and a Rockette

A recap of the YourTango holiday party and Absolut Pear.

It's nearly midnight and I'm deep into my daily routine of sitting on the couch opposite of Sanjay, crunching through emails and trying to complete the last lingering tasks of the day. We're watching a Simply Red dvd. I'm feeling extra cheerful because I just ordered Sanjay's Christmas present (hint: it involves Simply Red, shhhh). And happy that I'm no longer hung over.

I can't complain – I drink so rarely that every now and then feeling over-served is a friendly reminder of the fun that preceded it. YourTango's Christmas party was at our apt last night. I drank ample Absolut Pear and tonics. Got the rest of the party drinking them too.  (A shout out to Giancarlo, aka JG, one of YourTango's own stars, rocks for giving the gift that keeps on giving – a fresh bottle of Absolut Pear!)

In fact, someone suggested that if SATC was still on, we would have started a trend that would have made our pear tonics the new It Drink. I have to agree. They're addictive. Seriously. Next time you're at a bar with an extensive vodka selection, I urge you to give it a try. You might consider trying it with a cupcake. This was one of the great insights shared by Alison Lane . I'd like to christen it a YourTango-tini and retroactively twitter about it. Too late for that I guess.

Some other fun, friendly highlights:

Joe S was our special surprise guest. Mischievous and ready to stir up trouble, as always. A welcome treat. Jorge and his cool, beautiful fiancé Marie showed up and shared their incredibly romantic engagement story. We're waiting for Jorge to change his FB profile. And invite us to the wedding once they announce its in Lake Louise. Rachel Kramer Bussel probably gets the MPG award (most popular guest) by showing up with a dozen cupcakes and a ton of enthusiasm. Such a big hit. Annie also scored points by showing up with a wonderful bottle of Moët. Almost as popular as the pear tonics. Michael L, my inspiration, managed to NOT break my heart and show up at the last minute. Hilarious and charming as always and well worth the wait. Many more friends to extol and fun/funny moments to recount but I'm gonna turn into a pumpkin if I go on any longer.

PS: Here is a picture from the YourTango team outing to see The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City. Kevin's wife Amy, pictured here, is a Rockette. How cool is that?!

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Last: check out our holiday video. Very New York and very YourTango!