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A welcome to the new Inside YourTango blog, all about YourTango.

I'm excited to be posting the maiden entry into our new team blog. I've been eager to begin a blog for a very long time now. Glad to be finally kicking it off. My goal is to make it fun and informative, while sharing some useful insights on the biz.

Specifically, in Inside YourTango we plan to post updates on what is cooking on various fronts at YourTango and share musings on the world of digital media, the love biz, and thoughts on the people and relationships around us. Being so immersed in this realm, I am continually fascinated by what a central role the many faces of romantic love play in most people's lives.

I am also counting on the rest of the YourTango team to pop in and out regularly (yes, Brett, even you) and make IYT a true reflection of what happens behind the scenes here. Given our subject matter and our status as a young company, the personal and professional are often indistinguishable, which accounts for some interesting twists. Hopefully we'll make it an interesting and informative read and inspire at least a few of you to get in on this conversation.

Ok, so first order: Share good news about what's cooking with us on the business side.

1. YourTango has been accepted by Google News. Why is this big? It essentially recognizes the frequency, timeliness and legitimacy of YourTango's content and the validity of love and relationship related content as mainstream. Plus, it helps greatly with our search rankings. Full credit goes to Nicole who has been working for months to make this happen.

2. Our outreach efforts with the likes of Yahoo Shine and The Frisky are getting results! We have been having a blast working with them and are excited to be running Frisky content on our site as well. YourTango content has been featured on such sites numerous times over the past several weeks plus we recently had 3 stories featured on the homepage of

3. We have created ~20 YourTango branded video channels on sites from YouTube to Yahoo to Joost. Our video efforts have resulted in about 3.5mm views to date from nearly 200 original segments.

4. We have hired Melanie Gorman to oversee the re-release of our newsletter (YourTango Tease) and to assist with our paid services development efforts. She is fantastic. (Note: if you are not getting YourTango Tease, please sign up!)

Finally: we had our first official board meeting last week where we nominated Barry Fingerhut as the Chairman of Tango's board. The board currently consists of Barry, David Bell, myself and Sanjay Bhatnagar (full disclosure: Sanjay is an investor in Tango Media; my husband, and heads up our dev team). We are on the hunt for a killer female media executive to fill the 5th seat.

On a personal note:  It's a lovely Sunday. I took another karate belt test today and progressed one full level, from 5B to 4B. That means that I am very close to getting a brown belt. I am fairly obsessed with martial arts. Stop me if I try to tell you too much about Bruce Lee's philosophy.

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Other good news is that when Sanjay and my brother Tom (more disclosure: Tom Miller, aka Tomfoolery, is the cute red head you see in many of our vids and whose hilarious prose pop up around the site) get back to the apt, we're going to watch my all time favorite movie Love, Actually. Watching this has become a tradition for Sanjay and me in the past few years. If you haven't seen it, please do. You're in for a real treat.