A Great Start To The New Year At YourTango

Deepak Chopra

YourTango had a great 2008 and has a New Year's Resolution to make 2009 even better.

Happy New Year! I am excited to begin by saying that we had a wonderful close to 2008 traffic-wise. While our goal was 200,000 unique visitors in December, we reached 250,000 UV and 1.5mm page views!

And the momentum continues. Yesterday we had our highest single traffic day ever with about 132,000 page views. Other bits of good news:

  • We relaunched our newsletter, YourTango Tease, which I am thrilled about. Important way to quickly build our data base. If you're not signed up, please get there!
  • I am very pleased to announce that Anne Perton has joined the YourTango sales force. Hailing most recently from Radar Media, Anne has been a sales executive for about 15 years. Love how she's upbeat and ready to close!

Last, can't help but give a shout out to Bob Friedman, one of our fabulous advisors. Kevin, Brett and I stopped by Radical Media today to give him an update and boy! were we ever inspired. Very cool to see how thoroughly and with what panache Radical has nailed true 360 degree integrated marketing. And so much more. If you haven't watched any of the Iconoclasts interviews, you're in for such a treat.

We are inspired by Iconoclasts and their non-branded features - in part because they're sexy and cool - but also because we see similar opportunities as we build the YourTango brand. We are positioned to build our production house muscles and also succeed in the field of branded entertainment. We, probably like Radical, will also be adding interactive features to this mix in a big way. So important.

Bob shared some insightful feedback on YourTango, including questioning our choice of tagline/positioning (i.e. Smart Talk About Love). Should we be focusing solely on "love" (vs. a greater emphasis on "relationships"??) It's getting the neural wheels turning… I'm inclined to try something around "lovelife." 

Two things we are in agreement with for sure: 1. We don't have any serious branded competition in our vertical, which means huge opportunities for us and segues to the next point: 2. America – maybe the entire world - is entering a new social age. Even when the recession ends, I am of the strong opinion that most people will have recalibrated their values and are going to tend less toward valuing the material stuff and more toward valuing friends, family and that which money can't buy. And especially given the tough times people are likely to go through, I think that as a result, we collectively are going to be looking for more inner peace. It's good news for Deepak Chopra and good news for YourTango.

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Ps: if you missed our teams New Year's resolutions, they're a good read.