Stop... and THINK!


You are born … a process that doesn’t require any input from you, although you are involved, since you are the subject of the action in process. :) The gift of life is given to you in that very moment, it is a gift because you didn’t buy it or plan it, you didn’t work or fight for it, not in a way that you would remember anyway. So it’s brand new, sitting in your lap, at your feet, in the reach of your hand and in the sight of your eyes, shiny and inviting to be touched, embraced, lived.
It is so easy, just reach and grab it, and you do, wholeheartedly because a heart is what you really are. There is one catch though as in most cases when something comes so easy to us, you should never forget how you started doing it in the first place, full of curiosity, eager to learn, loving everything and everybody around you, smiling generously and so, lighting up your day. You shouldn’t forget about your heart which is just like that, like the life itself.
Listen to your heart, because your heart is going to give you the most satisfaction, joy, contentment and peace. In this very core is imprinted your code for a happy life, stay in touch and you will be astounded by the revelations.
In this process of self discovery of which you are now in charge, you might’ve lost, forgotten or ignored your heart, the very core of you, which will never forget, lose or ignore you and will always be there for you to find again, and reconnect. You see, this gift is so miraculously designed that when your mind and heart are one with your actions, you are fulfilling your intended purpose and therefore rewarded. It’s through this harmony that the original gift is enhanced and at it’s best, allowing you to receive all the blessings that you desire, dream and hope for.
Do you want to be successful in your career, your discoveries and experiences, and in relating to others? Do you want-dream-desire a certain life style? You will have it and this is the way!
No matter where you are in your life, you CAN reconnect with your heart and transform yourself and the ones around you. With guidance and focus, willpower and commitment, the future you’ve been waiting for could arrive tomorrow.
Leave the outside world to be what it is, and turn inside where the “block of marble” is waiting to be sculpted. Sculpted into a magnificent piece of art, that will inspire awe of not only the final “sculpture”, but also and most importantly of the sculptor whom people would want to know and admire, YOU.