Be Positive: Your Attitude Affects You More Than You Think


Whatever you send out to the universe is what it's giving back to you.

Neale Donald Walsh, a famous author, was speaking about the Universe and how it has only one answer for everything we ask: YES. Neale Donald Walsh says the universe always says yes. If this is true, then we can actually check what we've been telling ourselves lately and try some positive affirmations instead.

"I'm fat." Yes. "I'm unsuccessful." Yes. "I'm broke." Yes. "I'm worthless." Yes. All of these "negative" affirmations are made on a daily basis. Why? Because that's the way our mind is programmed. Since we were youngsters, our minds have been programmed according to what other believe and think. It is our job to break through these programmings and find our own truth. So how about these?

"I'm beautiful." Yes. "I'm loved." Yes. "I'm abundant." Yes. "I'm worthy." Yes. Know that everything you think affects every cell, tissue and organ in your body. There have been several experiments made with water and thoughts. You may or may not be familiar with Dr. Emoto. He has conducted experiments to prove that thoughts and feelings affect your reality. This means that whatever you think and feel is spread out through your entire body due to the percentage of water (70-80%) we hold in our bodies. Water is an amazing conductor. 

Moral of the story? Don't be too hard on yourself. Make life simple and easy. Don't know how? Stay tuned to learn more on how to live a simply happy life.