10 Women That Inspire Us To Be COMPLETELY Happy Every Day!

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These women are truly inspirational!

Wellness junkies are the new hipsters. And perhaps for good reason. We all want to feel happy, healthy and loved. In a sea of photo print leggings, seaweed salad, and meditation workshops, luminary women are emerging on our social feeds and favorite blogs who help us find our way through all of the green juice and self help books with their ideas and examples.

It got us wondering: What drives these women to inspire us to find our way to our own personal brand of inner peace and emotional joy? So, we asked them!

Here are the top ten women to watch in wellness:

1. Rebecca Campbell

Magpies and Ladders

Rebecca Campbell’s tag line is “Turn your light on,” with good reason. She is a self proclaimed introvert, and makes us more aware of inner light through her book Light is the New Black.

“I'm an author, contemporary spiritual teacher, intuitive spiritual mentor and creative. I spend most of my days writing in nature, questioning and working on myself and then turning these insights into books, courses, [and] events.”

She wants: “To encourage others with a mission to come out of the spiritual closet (or their version of it) and find the courage to rise up ... to courageously answer the deepest callings of their soul.”

2. Kelsey Miller 


Kelsey Miller is the creator of The Anti Diet Project, a senior features writer at Refinery 29, and the author of Big Girl: How I Gave Up Dieting and Got a Life. She is one of the freshest voices in body confidence out there. Her take on wellness is empowering and real.

“As a writer, I have the great good fortune to explore anything I'm passionate about and share it with an audience. In my work ... I've been able to change my own relationship to food, fitness, and my body—and expose that vulnerable journey with other people who've been there. When I write about these things, it's through my own lens, but with the understanding that I am by no means unique here. It's so easy to believe you're broken, beyond repair, and worst of all, alone ... I think that's one of my deepest and most personal missions: to let others know, on a bone-deep level, that they are not alone ... Reminding others helps me remember that fact, too."

3. Emma Mildon

Natalie Carter Talks Fitness

Emma Mildon shares her wisdom from a life of world travels and new age exploration in a fun, light way that makes it feel like your favorite trend ever. Her book, The Soul Searcher’s Handbook, is flying off virtual shelves.

“I ... help people organize their holistic and spiritual life. I call myself the 'Spiritual PA' because I feel as though I am behind every reader ... highlighting, circling, and Post-It-noting things they may be interested in, helping them keep on top of life and mindfulness ... I don't consider myself a boss, a guru, or part of any spiritual hierarchy click—I am simply like my readers. Curious and open. So I offer up channels for people to get spiritual insights and spiritual downloads on things I would be interested in ... Writing the books I would have loved to read when I was starting out exploring spirituality."

4. Amy Leigh Mercree


Amy Mercree’s motto is “Live joy. Be kind. Love unconditionally.” Her positive message touts inclusion and acceptance of yourself and others as the key to a happy life. She's written several books: The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to Dating: Your Enlightened Path to Love, Sex, and Soul Mates, as well as A Little Bit of Chakras and Joyful Living: 101 Ways to Transform Your Spirit and Revitalize Your Life.

When asked what her life’s mission is Amy answered, “It took me awhile to distill down and really connect with what I was driving toward, but now I can say my life’s mission is to help bring about an end to suffering for all life. I’ve been a medical intuitive for over fifteen years, and what I’ve seen is that joy is the highest energy in the universe and nothing compares to it for healing ... And the wonderful thing about joy is the more you pay attention to it, the more you feel it so I get to share my joy with readers all over the planet. How amazing is that?”

5. Shannon Kaiser

Veeg Mama

Shannon Kaiser left her corporate job years ago to pursue being a writer. Her book bestselling books, Find Your Happy and Adventures for Your Soul are like the words of a BFF cheering you on in life.

“I am committed to helping people live their full potential. I help people get unstuck and believe in themselves. I do this though books, articles, online courses, private and group coaching and teaching. I am driven by the passion inside to help as many people as possible see their beautiful, authentic, lovely unique self. I believe in a world where everyone is choosing love over fear and making joy their number one priority. That is the world I work to create. A world where people are proud of who they are and how they show up in the world ... We are here to play with the world, which means be yourself joyfully, courageously and compassionately.”

6. & 7. Michelle Goldblum and Alison Leipzig 

Soul Camp

Michelle Goldblum and Alison Leipzig are the founders of Soul Camp, an adult "sleep-away" camp full of fun and new-age goodness.

According to Michelle, “So many people are living life within walls. Walls that they've built around their hearts, around their ideas about what's possible, around their sense of self. I believe I am here to help people crumble their walls and step into who they really are and what they are here to do on the planet. I know that as more and more of us ... live authentic, heart-centered lives, the consciousness on the planet will shift. That is what drives me—this transformation. Through personal branding and creating experiences such as Soul Camp, I am able to live my life's mission and continually contribute to the shift.”

8. Dr. Laurie Nadel

Laurie Nadel

Dr. Laurie Nadel has been a fixture on the wellness scene for many years. Her mission for over 25 years has been healing the forgotten: people struggling to function after their lives were shattered by a traumatic event. She also worked to launch the Mind Body Network, a global online network for holistic and integrative practitioners and authors of spiritual and self-help books.

"After some 20 years in journalism, I wrote a best-seller, Sixth Sense: Unlocking Your Ultimate Mind Power. It awakened my interest in the hidden power of our individual and collective unconscious." She was studying for a Ph.D. in psychology when she was stricken with sudden-onset asthma and nearly died. "... I would use this experience to help other people," she says. But doctors told her that she would be permanently disabled and unable to work. "That was not an acceptable prognosis. I had a daughter to raise." 

She regained her health and went on to complete her Ph.D. in psychology and a second doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy, specializing in stress, health and trauma.​

9. Emily Williams

Best Friends For Frosting

Emily created I Heart My Life, and is a leading business coach. She helps women all over the world build online businesses that support them and spread positive messages.

"I believe every woman is called to be extraordinary and find her ’something big'. I do what I do to support women in no longer denying what’s in their hearts—no longer giving into the fear or whatever else is holding them back. I do what I do so there’s no more settling or waiting to be happy, but instead creating a life and business better than their wildest dreams. I truly believe anything is possible."

10. Kristi Ling

Thrifty Hunter

Kristi Ling is a happiness strategist, empowerment coach and marketing magician who wrote Operation Happiness. Kristi’s story is one of triumph and authentic sharing that all led her back to a message of personal responsibility as a path to true happiness. She told us, “A few years ago, while on my own journey to change my life and become a happier person, I discovered some incredibly powerful keys to creating a foundation for true happiness that were not being talked about. I knew they could help people and had to be shared, so that led to coaching, blogging and speaking. Things kept expanding to the point where I knew it needed to be a book, which lead to writing Operation Happiness.”

And what drives her? “I’m motivated by love, wonder, and joy. I’m passionate about encouraging people to re-think happiness to see it as not just something we choose or feel, but as a skill we can learn, practice, and become good at ... Realizing that happiness is something we must actively do every day, and then implementing that, is a huge shift ... Our purpose is to love, be happy, and help others to do the same. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we were all living in alignment with that purpose?”