Blerg! 4 Valentine’s Day Love Lessons from Liz Lemon!

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Take a trip down our favorite quirky, hilarious female lead, Liz Lemon’s romantic memory lane.

Our favorite glasses wearing, junk food loving, nerd-chic heroine has officially taken her bow.  And after seven years of laughs, what better way to pay tribute to the comic 30 Rock series than to take a trip down Liz Lemon’s romantic memory lane.  The show paved the way for some new funny girl’s like Zooey Dechanel’s quirky Jess and Mindy Kalling’s adorably disheveled Mindy.  So in Tina Fey’s immortal words, “Ain’t no party like a Liz Lemon party cause a Liz Lemon party is mandatory.”

1) On Valentine’s Day, go with the flow! When Liz got accidentally gifted with pink roses by someone in the 30 Rock building she handled the cute meeting with Floyd “flower guy” Debarber (Jason Sudekis) pretty gracefully.  She smiled, thanked him, and stayed relaxed.  Yes, then she did kind of stalk him a little bit and get his girlfriend transferred out of state but she kept it calm and classy on Valentine’s Day.

Take a page from that proverbial script and be yourself.  Let your serene, real being shine though even when the unexpected happens.  You never know when you’ll get accidental flowers and end up almost moving to Cleveland with the guy!

2) Don’t make a huge deal out of Valentine’s Day with a bunch of expectations.  Liz followed that advice for once when she accidentally scheduled a first date with handsome Dr. Baird (John Hamm) on the much touted romantic holiday.  Luckily, she stayed pretty cool considering everything that went wrong on that date and her uncanny ability to create awkwardness for herself - unintentional partial nudity, bathroom debacles, and more! 
We all have a little Liz Lemon in us and ultimately Valentine’s Day is one overblown day among 364 others each year.  Big, unrealistic expectations put us in the path of failure and disappointment.  Instead, choose to be romantic and loving to yourself and if you happen to find your self on a Valentine’s date where everything goes wrong you can look back at it and laugh while enjoying a “Day After Valentine’s Day” date with yourself consisting of your favorite activities. 


3) Appreciate the love and caring you have in your life on Valentine’s Day.  One of the most special character relationships on 30 Rock is between Liz and Jack Donaghey (Alec Baldwin). In season four, when Liz schedules a root canal for Valentine’s Day Jack ends up picking her up while she is hallucinating at the oral surgeon.  Dates may come and go but good friends last for ever. 
This Valentine’s Day show your love to the amazing friends who support you and are there for you through oral surgery, fantasy hallucinations of John Bon Jovi, and when you try to use a waffle as a DVD.

4) Have faith that things will work out for the best because they usually do - even on Valentine’s Day.  In the second to last season Liz had found a boyfriend she resonated with.  This was a huge thing for her after Dennis Duffy the beeper king (Dean Winters), “that tall gangly guy who was always playing guitar (Conan O’Brien), and the Swiss prostitute Anders recommended by Martha Stewart.  Then she and Criss, her new guy, had a huge fight in Ikea over a dining room table.  A depressed Liz thinks all is lost.  Another guy gone.  So, she is pleasantly surprised to get home to him cooking dinner because he said he doesn’t mind when they disagree. 
Ultimately, what is for the best for you is going to work out even if you encounter some bumps along the way.  And that goes for every day, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Grandparents Day, or Flag Day, or Ex Spouse’s Day (April 14th).


Give Liz Lemon the ultimate salute this month by proudly being yourself, quirks and all.  And revel in the fact that you and all women are hilarious, complex, interesting, innovative, real people who are all worthy of love.