Raising A Genius


Raising A Genius

Most people want their children to be successful.  The prominent international high-IQ society, Mensa, doesn't use the term “Genius,” they refer to people with a high-IQ, as, “people whose ability and creativity put them in the top two percent of the population”. The question then becomes what can parents do to ensure their children have the best possible chance of succeeding in life? Some suggest that geological location has a lot to do with raising a genius, others site good parenting as the reason for an extraordinary child. Implementing both of these ideas will help give children the best chance possible of becoming a success.

When most people think of the ideal place to inspire creativity, they might lean towards a serene and quiet place with no distractions. Some, however; would argue that creativity needs chaos in order for the brain to think differently. If the child is exposed to different walks of life they will have an open mind and a better grasp of humanity and how the world works. So, when we are referring to a location to raise a “genius” some of the best cities will be bustling with noise, be diverse and also be a tolerant society. It’s fairly easy to come to this conclusion by looking back at history as some of our most famous gifted people came from the same location around the same time. For example, Athens had Socrates, Solon, and Plato to name a few, and in Vienna, during the “Golden Age," came: Mozart, Beethoven, and Leonardo Da Vinci. During this time the respective cities were some of the most active, industrious and growing populous of their era.

Some say that the “genius” gene is inherited from our parents, but author Eric Weiner says, “Genius is linked to geography more than genes.” However, there are many who think that proper parenting is the answer and that if we encourage our children enough, it will inspire them to do their best. Frank Lawlis, Ph.D., American Mensa’s supervisory psychologist and the renowned author states, “ Intelligence is 51 percent stimulation.” Lots of things parents do can help to guide their kids in the right direction; read, talk, praise, and encourage curiosity are just a few examples. It is recommended to read to a child every day, whether it’s just a picture book or a book with words, it doesn't matter, what matters is the simple act of picking up a book and reading it. Talking is also important, even if the child does not understand everything, talking will still help encourage their development. Praise is important to build confidence and encourage the child. Curiosity helps to build creativity, which is one of the major building blocks of intelligence.

Parents who are trying to raise a genius should implement good parenting; being involved with a child’s learning process by reading, talking, encouraging and praising the child. Along with choosing the ideal location to promote creativity. The right location should be based on being close to the right schools and finding a diverse and a tolerant society. When a parent combines good parenting with the ideal location, this can have a huge effect on the child’s chances of becoming a genius.

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