How To Stop Intrusive, Obsessive Thoughts You Can’t Seem To Let GoOf

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Obsessive thoughts can happen at any time and anywhere. It can feel like the world stops and the only thing that matters is the thoughts replaying in your head. They can enter your head with a fierce force that can seem unstoppable and take over so fast that you can get lost and feel exhausted within minutes. When this happens we can sometimes feel helpless and end up wasting precious time being caught up with the obsessive thoughts and feeling that there is no way out, but there is a way out. Its all a matter of acknowledging and receiving these thoughts.

If we just push the thoughts away, or at least try to, they can seem even more powerful but if we ask, “what am I suppose to receive from this experience” it can help to lighten the load of the thoughts and eventually help you to let the intrusive thought/s go, and move forward in a healthy manner.

Our minds are constantly bombarded with thoughts all day long. Some of these thoughts are useful while others you may not remember. We all have recurring thoughts that pop into our minds, usually brought on by a certain situation or something like that, we are not talking about those thoughts right now.

What we are talking about are the thoughts that take you away from being present with life. When this happens it can come on quite quickly and sometimes feel like for no reason at all, but there is always a reason for obsessive thoughts. For example, Freud believed that “Illusions commend themselves to us because they save us pain and allow us to enjoy pleasure instead. We must, therefore, accept it without complaint when they sometimes collide with a bit of reality against which they are dashed to pieces”. This explains why these obsessive thoughts can seem to come out of nowhere and for no reason because the mind has turned them into illusions and now they are coming to light.

When we take the time to acknowledge that there are thoughts playing over and over in our mind we take away some of the anxiety surrounding the thoughts. If you have ever tried to ignore obsessive thoughts you will know what we are talking about here. The more we avoid the obvious the harder our mind will try to show it to us. And if we keep ignoring what our mind is trying to tell us it will lead to distress or anxiety, in some cases both.

So ask yourself, “Why am I thinking about this?”, “What am I supposed to be seeing?”, or even “Where did these thoughts come from?”. By acknowledging that obsessive or intrusive thoughts are happening it can help you to gain some control over your mind and thus help to relieve some stress. American Psychologist Wayne Dryer believes that “The truth is that there is no actual stress or anxiety in the world; it's your thoughts that create these false beliefs. You can't package stress, touch it, or see it. There are only people engaged in stressful thinking.” So, by acknowledging that its just a thought you can free yourself from some of the stress and anxiety.

When you have taken the time to acknowledge that you are being consumed by obsessive thoughts you can then move on to accepting and letting go of the thoughts. Accepting does not have to mean that you agree with these thoughts or even that they are important. A great way to move though accepting obsessive thoughts is to write about them or talk to someone who can help you to take a closer look at the thoughts and help you to see why this is happening. Accepting the fact that you have these thoughts is the trick. You don’t have to accept the thoughts, but you do have to accept that they are happening and taking control of your mind. Once you accept this fact it will be easier to move forward.

When you get clear on where these thoughts came from, or why they came up at all you will probably have something to accept; however, it may not be the original thoughts at all.

Once you have taken the time to acknowledge and accept obsessive or intrusive thoughts you will have made the unconscious thoughts conscious therefore allowing your mind to rest and get back to life.

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