Why a dating coach

Dating coaches are objective and kind supporters who are in "the know" regarding the emotions, the techniques and the how to's to finding Mr. or Ms. Right.

Psychologist and psychiatrist specialize in treating depression, anxiety and other disorders where, specifically dating coaches specialize in dating and nothing else.

Matchmakers are great but they are busy finding single people for other single people so they simply don't have the time to focus extensively on other avenues and mindsets to help the dater become a success.

Most dating coaches are good. However, be careful about who you decide to confide in as you need to have a rapport with your dating coach feel comfortable they come with the necessary experience.

Some helpful tips to get you started:

Are they married? Were they successful or are they dating themselves? How old are they? Our society doesn't look up to older and wiser and perhaps feel they are out of touch with the younger crowd. A seasoned coach is not.

Choose a coach not based on how many news shows they have been on but after talking to them on the phone, how does that person make you feel. Never purchase a package and get stuck with someone. You wouldn't buy a package from a doctor, why would you buy one from a coach. You need one session to be sure it's a fit.

Try a dating coach next time you're feeling frustrated, nothing ventured, nothing gained. But get one that fits your personality and always use caution as you would when shopping for a doctor.