How To Hit On A Guy


Looking for Love? It's time you made your move...

Say anything. The truth is, most guys are so relieved that a girl is making the initiative that they don’t care what you say. If you approach them, they don’t have to approach you, and for that, they’re grateful. So while flirty lines and witty conversation starters will give you bonus points, if all you can think to say is: “I’ve met you before. William right?” It probably won’t make that much of a difference.

So to recap here is the perfect pick up: You spot a hottie across the bar. You leave your friends, walk up to him, and ask what he’s drinking. He tells you “Tanqueray and tonic.” You say: “Oh, feeling fancy tonight huh?” You tell the bartender: “Tanqueray and tonic for the lady, and I’ll have a Guinness.” You hand him his drink and proceed to make conversation about what he does, where he’s from, Tanqueray vs. Beefeater, and throughout the conversation touch him on the arm, the leg, the chest, wherever you can get away with without being creepy. After ten minutes you walk away. Then, a half hour later he comes back to you and gives you his number.

Or, you walk up, loose your nerve, and just say: “Hi.” Chances are, you get his digits anyway.

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Amber Madison is a sex educator, lecturer, and author.  She interviewed over 1,000 guys around the country for her latest book, Are All Guys Assholes?

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