Throwing A "New You" Cocktail Party

Heartbreak, Self

It's never to late to recapture the essence of what you once were. Celebrate YOU!

Sometimes, when relationships end, we feel a source of emptiness in our hearts. As if a death has occurred, we may even feel that we have lost a part of ourselves. This feeling is real and needs to be addressed in a positive way!

When your heart is broken, your whole identity may feel shattered. You may feel you are no longer alive. But that is not the case. A breakup is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself trying to fix it. It may be time to move on, and reclaim your life. There will be times when we are so entangled in a relationship that we tend to “lose” our sense of being. We may have become completely intertwined with our partner, that we forgot the things that we have always loved. It is never too late to recapture your original essence, and become the person you were meant to be. One great way to re-unite you with yourself… is to throw a "New You" cocktail party.

A cocktail party is defined as a party that usually serves cocktails. There does not have to be a special occasion or an event happening. All you really need is a date that you are available, and a place to entertain. Here are five steps to help you create “The New You” party:


1) Choose a date.
We suggest choosing a date when you are free the next day. A weekend may work best. Cleaning up after a party can be grueling. You want to have a little wiggle room in your schedule so you do not overwhelm yourself. Never be sad for what is over but rather be glad that it was once yours. Pick a date and make it a “New You” day! It may become a monthly or an annual thing!


2) Choose a theme.
Theme parties are always fun. It allows you to pick a topic and it lets your guests become extremely creative. You can choose from a variety of subjects such as dress code, food to bring, beverages being served, games being played, music themes, and so on. If you think “outside the box” you will remember your single days and the things that used to make you smile. Utilize those memories and create an incredible “New You” theme that your guests will love. Remember, your birthday will always celebrate the day you were born. Your post break up  "New You" party should celebrate the essence of recapturing what you once lost, what you once were, and help you become the person you were meant to be!

3) Send invitations.
Plan your invitations to creatively enhance your event. This will keep you busy and your mind on positive things. You can mail out paper invites, or send emails or E-vites via the internet. Which ever works best for your schedule is fine. Make sure you explain the party in detail and what you are envisioning, so your guests can put effort into their ideas. It may be wise to write somewhere in small print that your ex is no longer in the picture and ask politely to not have him/her brought up.


4) Have a camera ready.
Every party becomes a special memory with a camera. Ask one person to film the event, or have your camera handy. Capturing great moments to share is one of the benefits of throwing parties. Everyone loves making memories.

5) Enjoy!
Invite your closest friends, family, coworkers, even those you have not seen in a while. Be yourself, embrace every moment, and recapture the essence you were once were. Remember, it is up to you to choose to be happy. If you can’t save the relationship, at least save your pride and choose to hold your head up high! A “New You” party is a great remedy to remind yourself that you are special and loved. And that no matter who comes in and out of your life....YOU will always have YOU! Celebrate YOU.



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