Pre-date Jitters? Try a Self Splurge!

Love, Self

How to keep busy during the days leading up to your first HOT date.

So; you think you have finally met Mr. Right? Have you spent days or weeks talking on the phone, texting, became Facebook friends and now find yourself waiting for his phone call in the evenings or become easily distracted during the work day waiting for his texts? Can you secretly admit that you are obsessed with him? Do you stalk his Facebook wall to see if he has met any other women or checked into any places when he said he was home studying?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions: you are obsessed. But what do you do when he finally and actually asks you out on a date? You cannot keep focusing on him: it is time to focus on you. He obviously noticed you..but what do you do first?

The days leading up to the date you need to start focusing on yourself first. If you spend any more time indulging in “his” life, you might as well delete him or lose his number because everyone needs a bit of a challenge to keep the chemistry interesting. Try the following steps to keep cool, calm and confident before your first date:

1) Drink a lot of water; a gallon a day if you can. Water is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. It will keep our pores looking fresh, keep us healthy, stimulates digestion and will give you a bit of a healthy glow; so drink a lot of water.

2) Rest often. Try not to have too many sleepless nights. Find soothing teas or read books, anything to get you to have a healthy night of sleep. Rest is key to a balanced mood and a healthy lifestyle.

3) Get waxed, shave, keep smooth (where-ever you choose.) Moisturize your skin and keep it feelings smooth. Indulge in a great facial and body moisturizer. Do you! Keeping smooth will help you feel sexier and look healthier. Feeling sexy will boost your confidence and create an aura he will be attracted to. A manicure and a pedicure couldnot hurt either. Aren't you worth it?

4) Get a new outfit. Splurge on something new to wear. Maybe you just need a new pair of heals; maybe you need a new dress. A great first impression is important. When you look your best you will feel your best. Splurge just a small amount of money and make yourself your greatest investment.

5) Keep busy. Get out and do new things so you have more to talk about on your first date. Go out with your friends and broaden your horizons. A woman with a great mind that is easy to talk to is just as sexy as a porn star.

Whatever you do first, just focus on you. Becoming obsessed with a man is unhealthy and is a turn off. Be the beautiful woman that you are, follow the tips above and have a great time.