A Little White Lie


Sometimes a white lie can save hours of emotional drama.

Both men and women lie all the time. They lie about numerous things from large secrets to small insignificant facts. It is a human characteristic to either cover up for yourself, or for another’s actions or events. Some lies do not even matter at all, they are harmless.
So why do men lie to women? Why can’t they be honest enough to tell a women exactly what is on their mind?

The answer is because they may be afraid of women. Not fearful in a physical sort of sense, but fearful of triggering emotions that will lead to hours of tear wiping, bitchiness or a whirl wind of emotional roller coasters… so to a man, a simple lie is easier than dealing with reality. Emotions are hard for men to deal with. A lie is an easy scapegoat to the typical man

Men are care takers. They want to take care of their woman and make sure everything about them is fine. If a women asks, “ Do I look fat it this outfit?” and she does… a man is torn between telling the truth and facing hours of tears or retaliation or lying and having an emotionally smooth day or evening.  Guys are actually more fragile than women. Although the women is the one in tears, a man cannot handle this and will then try countless numbers of reconciliation tactics… only to find himself with his foot in his mouth. As he tries to make her feel better he knows internally he is only making matters worse for both parties.

From a very young age, guys have learned the hard way  learn that if they tell the truth a woman could FREAK OUT or BOMBARD them with scary emotions. So they simply learn to lie.

Of course there's other reasons that guys lie too.  There are reasons women lie also. Cheating, stealing, infidelity or just trying to protect ones autonomy or inner being can be some just to name a few. Lying is not the best answer in these situations. Lying most of the time is not recommended or approved of. But simple little white lies are not always the end of the road.

Ladies, if he tells you that you DO look fat in those pants, after you ask for his opinion,  what would you do?

This article was originally published at . Reprinted with permission from the author.