It's You...It's Really Not Me!


If you have ever heard the words " it's not you, it's me"... get prepared to hold your head up high

I am sure you have heard the term “it’s not you it’s me.” Maybe you have used this yourself to let some one down easily. Maybe you had an EX end your relationship with this line. “It’s not you it’s me” can be seen as the largest relationship break-up line. It usually means it IS you. It is probably not just one little thing that you did and maybe you did nothing wrong at all. There is a reason your EX  is not at the same level in the relationship that you are. He or she may just not be that into you. They are afraid to hurt your feelings and more afraid to be seen as a horrible person to the outside world. The statement is said out of fear; a cowardly fear of facing the truth about themselves.

 "It isn't you, it's me" contradicts reality. Most likely the reason the relationship is ending is because you may have lacked something that your partner was looking for. Maybe they have met someone else and do not have the heart to be honest with you! That is OK. Because the person who is using this line on you, is lacking something themselves, and in reality, has just turned the tables!  Now…although you are lost and confused, You are the one in control. This person just did you the biggest favor! Do not shed a tear... take a deep breath, turn around and....

1) Walk away with your head held high. Never allow anyone to rob you of your joy! Your “now” Ex has just dumped you with no excuse, no reasoning and blamed themselves. A person who truly loves you would have been honest and had a little more respect for your feelings rather than hiding behind shallow words to not allow themselves to look bad. Hold your head up high and ask yourself: “Is this who I really want to be with?”

2) Allow yourself some time to process this extremely confusing statement. Make a list of pros and cons. Once you get to a safe place, you can allow yourself to cry if needed. Get yourself a support system.

3) Do not belittle yourself. Don’t sit in the mirror wondering what the heck is wrong with you! Don’t re-think the entire relationship and try and figure out what it was that you did that was such a turn off. Instead smile and say “NEXT!” Pick yourself up, wash yourself up, take some time for yourself…and then get back out there. Any shallow minded person who dumps you for no reason is not worth your tears!

4) Love yourself with all your heart! The right person will come along and treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. Have faith. Smile often! Have fun.