How You Can Make A Great First Impression


First impressions are key to a great dating life.

It may have been a scheduled blind date, or an incidental chance meeting, either way, every encounter has a first impression. The fact is that everyone evaluates one another when you meet for the first time. In the first few minutes or hours of getting to know someone, we form a personal opinion about another based on their appearance, their demeanor, their attitude or mannerisms, and even how much eye contact they make. As you form your opinion, some one else is contemplating their first impression about you!

“First impression can be nearly impossible to reverse or undo, making those first encounters extremely important, for they set the tone for all the relationships that follows.”

Here are a few ways to make a great first impression:

1) Dress Your Best:

Let’s face it; looks are very important on a first date. Wear you best attire to appropriately fit the event. You do not need to look like a model, but put your best foot forward. Ladies, a flirty dress or skirt is always a winner, and men can never go wrong in a pair of khakis and a button down. Be neat, well ironed and clean. A picture is worth a thousand words. Another great idea is to smell good. A fresh scent is always a turn on. Do not wear too much perfume or cologne, but just enough to make a lasting impression.

2) Be on Time:

There is nothing worse than being late for a first date. If you are nervous, try some breathing or calming techniques as you are getting ready. Being on time shows you respect some one else’s time and is a great way to form a positive first impression. Turn off your cell phone when you arrive at the meeting place and give your date your full attention. Respecting someone’s time and giving them your full attention are important in any first meeting, personal or business related.

3) Smile:

Leave your problems behind you. Don’t talk about your horrible past, your addictions, your nasty divorce or anything negative. Just smile and stay positive. Always say please and thank you. A warm and sincere smile is the way to win anyone’s heart. .Make small, light talk and keep a positive attitude.

3) Don’t Talk about your Ex:

The last thing you want to do is talk about your EX and leave an impression that you have baggage. You may even appear to be not over your EX, which takes you right off the “market”. Don’t keep yourself unavailable. This is the biggest mistake people make. If you are smiling and remaining positive, I am sure there are a million topics to talk about. Get creative.

4) Be a Good Listener:

Don’t talk too much. Let the conversation flow easily and always make eye contact. Listen to your date’s ideas, thoughts, stories and opinions. Great communication is the basis for any relationship. Listening to another person lets people know that you are interested in what he or she has to say. It is an admirable way to form friendships, which can lead to more intimate relationships down the road.

5) Be Yourself:

Relax, enjoy, and be yourself. Don’t pretend to like sports if you don’t and don’t pretend to be political if you have no clue about politics. Just be you! You will attract more people and have more opportunities by being true to yourself.