Self, Heartbreak

Have An Affair With Your Partner

4) Reinvent Yourself

Do YOU! Focus on yourself in all areas you need to fix. Take up a hobby, go back to school, start a food plan, start exercising. Anything you can do to better yourself will increase your confidence. Everyone is drawn to a confident person. You may find your partner notice a difference in you and want to be with you more.

5) Get Creative With Your Sex Life

Find something new you are comfortable with and approach your partner to try it. Or fulfill a fantasy your partner has always had. Stay in reason, read books, watch videos, or talk to your closest friends. A creative, inventive sex lives make us more desirable. Be your own mistress and your own scoundrel by having your own affair with your own partner. You will be pleasantly surprised with yourself, and may have opened doors to many new bedroom adventures!

6) Set Up A Schedule

Set up specific times to talk about money, children, bills and work. Allow eachother down time and space to unwind. The majority of people who have limited extra stress during the work day, are confident, mysterious, and have an incredible sex life... have no reason to stray. Make them WANT to stay by trying these tricks.