Does Size Really Matter?


Does size matter? The answer is yes.

Does size really matter? Unfortunately the answer is yes.

No one wants to admit that size plays an important role in almost every aspect of dating and marriage. It is a common phrase to hear that “ It is not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean that counts”. This has commonly been used to refer to specific body part which is said to make a man… a man! Truth be told size has a lot to do with many more aspects in life.

When couples first meet, attraction plays a key role in wanting a future date. The size of one’s body, their arms, their feet, their height even their nose may become an unrealistic road block in continuing any sort of relationship.  People do place a lot of emphasis on looks and body size or specific body part size. “There’s my cushion for the pushing” is another phrase that dictates the size of a women’s buttocks. Money, and lack of it,  also is judged. Have you ever been turned off by the size of some one's paycheck?  Society places  contradictions on men and women according to their social standards and cultural backgrounds. Since we are a melting pot in the United States, it seems we have more stress on size and what really matters.

If a couple has just gotten engaged, the size and style of the women’s ring is an important social topic of conversation. The bigger the diamonds, the more grandiose the setting and the woman is admired while her fiancé is adored for spoiling her. A smaller diamond sometimes leads people to automatically assume they are struggling financially or he was just not that into her. It is another sad social phenomena that people are always looking to cast judgment on others by the size of anything.

When a couple or someone buys a home, a car, or a boat… size also plays a role in how they are judged monetarily or physically. The more money you have, the bigger and nicer your assets must be.  When a women gives birth, the size of the baby makes her a trooper for pushing out a twelve pound baby or leaves a legacy of future family stories to talk about how tiny the new born was.

Whatever it is about size that makes us judge one another has been an a stigmatism for many years. Have you ever judged someone by the size of their…… ????