3 Keys To Lifelong Love

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This Valentine's Day, give your partner what they truly want. The recipe for domestic bliss!

Bottom line: By showing respect, you are demonstrating that your loved one is of the greatest value in your life and who doesn’t want to feel treasured this way? Need further proof of just how vital this key is, to a long term relationship? Ask yourself what you would be willing to do for your mate if they made you feel this special? Or better yet, what wouldn’t you be willing to do? Enough said.

How to do it: If the above concept is new to you, start working on developing the following paradigm: “If it’s important to my partner, it’s important to me.” Instantly, your choices, reactions and actions change for the better. 

3. Desire – One of our most basic, human needs is to feel wanted; to truly feel like a woman (or man) and to be with someone that conveys physical and emotional interest. You desire to be shown that you are seen as someone more than the housekeeper, the caregiver, the bill payer etc. 

Never forget that “desire” takes on many forms and every single one is as necessary as the other. Mates desire touch (sexual AND non-sexual), conversation, connection and the sense that you are found interesting, fun, funny and worthy of someone’s attention.

How to do it: Take an honest look at the current state of your relationship and ponder how you would be graded on your ability to make your companion feel desired. Room for improvement? Ask your special someone what you are doing right (so you can keep doing more of it) and what you could be doing differently, that would really resonate with them. The answers can potentially open up a powerful conversation that leads you down the path to mutual satisfaction.

Now that you have the three keys to lifelong love, isn’t it time you took them for a test drive?