25 Benefits Of Working With The Bedroom Joyologist

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I have checked these things off my list and now I am here to help you do the same.

For The Conscious Woman With a Conservative Background

I have checked these off my list (although always working on it!) and now I'm here to help you do the same.

  • Wake up with more excitement for the day to come.
  • Experience more motivation to take better care of yourself.
  • More passion, purpose and direction in life.
  • You wake up and do something that feels good to you; have some of your favourite tea and a healthy breakfast, exercise like yoga or dancing or getting outside for a walk or run. You can start off the day by taking care of you first and feel good about it (without feeling guilty or like you don’t deserve it).
  • You are grateful for your man and have interactions with him from a place of gratitude instead of contempt.
  • You are able to communicate your needs to your partner more easily, whether in or out of the bedroom AND you do it in a way that your partner loves hearing it and is eager to please.
  • You are more interested in sex and aware of your sexual energy flow.
  • You have a new found love and appreciation for your body, and what it is capable of.
  • You are able to move through past experiences that have held you back in your relationship with others and yourself.
  • You are able to forgive, be grateful and take full responsibility for your life and your pleasure.
  • You have more energy throughout the day, an extra glow to your skin and bounce in your step.
  • You are more attractive – because you are more relaxed, kinder, and have more delicious sensual energy flowing through your body.
  • You are able to ask for what you want in all areas of life (in your work too) confidently, clearly and calmly.
  • Have more energy so you can give more – more focus, energy and love to your partner, kids, friends and work.
  • You feel more comfortable and excited to initiate sexual intimacy with your partner because you have a new found confidence in just being, in what you want, and in your skills and you are more open to receiving what you want (instead of fear of being judged or rejected).
  • You will be able to please your man like never before – and enjoy it way more.
  • You are able to RECEIVE more pleasure than ever before because you are no longer holding back.
  • Able to have sex without pain because you are now connecting with your partner more outside of the bedroom and are excited (instead of constantly up in your head talking yourself out of it).
  • More direction and focus in life – taking out the things that don’t matter and focusing on the things that do.
  • More focus on your life passions and discovering who you really are.
  • Freedom to speak your truth.
  • Knock down walls to be able to open to give and receive.
  • Acceptance of things you have felt guilty about.
  • More sexual flow and a sense of playfulness and lightness around sex. 
  • Confidence in yourself.
  • Ability to open up to and communicate with women.

We all deserve to be happy and live life to it's fullest.  Sometimes there is a stage in our lives in which we need extra support in this.  Sometimes we need to take a leap and invest in ourselves.  Sometimes we need to follow our heart instead of our head. 

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