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"Absolutely fabulous and most knowledgeable practitioner - Alister has built his toolset through great dedication and study whilst working with some like minded practitioners.

H.A. London, UK


"Alister is an incredible healer who uses a wide variety of techniques and is vanguard in his approach and methods. With decades of experience, he has a magnificent plethora of tried and tested procedures and has helped hundreds - if not thousands - of people to enhance their lives, both mentally, physically and spiritually. Absolutely worth seeing."
J.P. Kendal, Cumbria, UK

About Alister Bredee

Hello, my name's Alister Bredee and I have been working in this field for almost thirty years. It's been a woderful journey which has taught me a huge amount. If you want to read more about my journey you can check out the story here.http://healthambit.com/about/

OK you can see I have lots of experience, but the important things is how can I help you? If you are experiencing difficulties, I have lots of tools to help you overcome them. Chances are over the years I have encountered people with exactly the same challenges as you are experiencing at this time in your life. Here are some of the tools I have at my disposalhttp://healthambit.com/therapies/ All of these are powerful techniques that can get you to the root of the problem and provide a healing solution. Of them all,however, this one is particulalry helpful.http://healthambit.com/therapies/emotional-freedom/ EFT is enormously powerful. Yes, it's useful to get the objectivity of an objective trained third party to help unravel the major knots, but after that is is easy enough to practice on your own. Take a look at this video to see its true power.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5r4kVp1yf5E&feature=player_embedded

If you think I can help you, just get in touch. The easiest way is to use this contact form.http://healthambit.com/contact/ Tell me what the problem is and I'll get back to you. We can then arrange a short Skype conversation at on charge and we can both then see if I can be of any help to you. If the answer is yes, we can subsequently arrange a fee paying session. How does that sound?

I changed country, continued my practice and looked at Time Line Therapy as well as NLP. I went on to hands on healing with Reiki and Hawaiian Huna. The next step was too the remarkable Meridian Energy Techniques, starting with Emotional Freedom Technique and then Thought Field Therapy. I went to Flagstaff Arizona to study with the founder Gary Craig, himself.. The next step was to be fortunate enough to become the Administrator of the Irish Association for Meridian Energy Techniques and I wrote a book called "Full Circle", introducing my own Meridan Energy therapy, called AMBIT. I presented this to the world for the first time at Oxford University in 2002..

I was later invited by "Today"s Therapist" Magazine to work with their team introducing these techniques to therapists, up and down the length and breath of the UK..

In 2005 I came to Thailand and moved to beautiful Koh Samui island in 2007. I came to work in the wellness industry and have worked in two resorts. The last was "Absolute Sanctuary"http://www.absolutesanctuary.com where I was Wellness Consultand and Detox Manager. I left in 2010 to start my own consultancy business. In the past three years  I have been working in my own private practice with a brief detour to work in  a rehab center that was set up on Samui.

As I say the big question is how can I help you?  You have nothing to lose and perhaps a lot to gain.





Alister Bredee Success Stories

EFT Helps Overcome A Fear Of Dogs

Women dealing with stress

She had avoided dogs for so long that it was difficult to recall a time when she had been able to cross an open space like a park or playground without fear. A dread lurked as she might come face to face with a dog! Yet after a few minutes therapy work with a brand new technique,called "E.F.T." or "Emotional Freedom Techniques, she felt this fear of hers gently melt away. Instead of pictures of wolf like fangs and grasping jaws being projected onto the cinema screen of her mind; she had a cartoon image of impotent dentures snapping harmlessly at thin air! Her rising anxiety was replaced with a wry smile.more

It is true to say that E.F.T. had not completely removed her "dog phobia", but it had reduced it considerably. Now it rested at an appropriately reasonable level. After all it is wise to be wary of dogs that you don't know, particularly if they are big because given the right provocation they can hurt you!

She had been taking part in a week-end-training workshop facilitated by Gwyneth Moss. Gwyneth uses this new branch of complementary psychology to help her clients overcome anxieties and unwanted behaviours and to put traumatic experience safely behind them. She also uses the technique to improve their sporting, artistic and professional performances by clearing blocks to confidence. What's even more interesting is the fact that EFT is able to grant a result quickly. It's no longer necessary to return to the EFT practitioner week after expensive week. Now a mere couple of sessions can give lasting relief.

EFT has its origins in traditional Chinese acupuncture, developed over 5,000 years ago. With the passage of time, Eastern Medical teachings have evolved and fused with Western notions on Alternative Health Care to produce a variety of related practices loosely termed Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

From this field emerged "Thought Field Therapy", the brainchild of American Clinical psychologist, Dr. Roger Callahan. TFT relies on a series of algorithms that involve tapping on the end points of certain acupuncture meridians whilst focusing thought on the problem to be resolved. This can be a complex process and a student of Dr. Callahan's, Gary Craig set out to develop a simpler method. Thus E.F.T. was born.

Gwyneth was so impressed with the techniques she flew off to the U.S.A. to study with Gary Craig. As a result she has gained the distinction of being granted the qualification "E.F.T. Master". Now she holds training workshops in Yorkshire, U.K. for complementary practitioners, doctors, counselors, health workers and "people helpers" who want to learn this effective tool.

That's not to say that attending a week-end workshop is sufficient training to make any Tom, Dick or Harry an instant expert. As Oscar Wilde so succinctly stated "practice makes perfect"! However, the basics of this remarkable treatment are so simple that they can be grasped over a two day training. Even with an elementary grasp like this it is perfectly possible to help somebody overcome let's say a fear of dogs as we have just seen. It's worth checking out isn't it?


Eating Less Is the Key to Staying Young, Claims Russian Doctor.

Women dealing with weight issues

Fauja Singh completed this year's London Marathon in seven hours and forty-nine minutes. By no means a winning time, yet Fauja Singh, affectionately dubbed the "turbaned tornado" is 101 years old. He took up long distance running after moving to the UK from his native India; post his wife's death in 1992.more

He attributes his long and healthy life to healthy eating habits. Like most Punjabis he is a strict vegetarian, existing on a diet of lentils, vegetables flavored with ginger, brown bread, fruit and natural yoghurt. It's not so much what he eats, but how much! He restricts himself to small, child-sized portions which are reflected in his weight. He is 173 centimeters tall and yet weighs only 53 kilos.

According to Russian born Dr. Arcady Economo there is nothing new here. Scientists have known for 80 years that a calorie restricted food intake can prolong life. Dr. Clive McCay claimed during the 1930s that such diets could extend life expectancy by up to 50%. Fauja Singh's success in covering the 42 kilometer London Marathon course attests to these claims.

Koh Samui is home to approximately 20 so-called "detox resorts". They range from the good to the bad and indifferent. They all promote fasting and inner cleansing. People flock from across the globe to these establishments. Some come to embrace better health practices, but most come to lose weight. Dr. Economo runs a group of similar facilities in Hungary and Croatia; his emphasis is on the fasting component of the program. In Budapest and elsewhere his nutritional experts design specific diets for his clients. They are expected to follow these eating programs when they return home after completing their one or two-week detox plan. The most popular of these divides the year into four, thirteen week blocks. Each chunk comprises one fasting week, with a near zero calorific intake, one recovery week when food is gradually introduced where consumption is limited to 5,200 kilo calories and eleven ordinary weeks. The normal weeks comprise six feeding days calculated at 2,000 calories per day. The seventh day is a fasting day with 0 calories permitted. This formula yields 72 fasting days in the year; it averages out at a usual food input of 1,500 calories per day. It appears Fauja Singh is obtaining the same result simply by eating less on an ongoing basis.

Professor Valter Longo of the University of Southern California's Longevity Institute explains the connection between fasting and increased life span is the hormone "Insulin Growth Factor-1". This hormone causes children to develop, but when they reach adulthood it stresses the body and appears to cause aging. His evidence is the genetically engineered Laron mouse, which does not produce IGF-1. These creatures can live up to five years longer than the 2 year life expectancy of a normal mouse. They seem to be immune to cancer and heart disease, and when they die it's because the heart just stops.

Longo goes on to explain that fasting lowers IGF-1 levels, and when we stop eating the body switches from growth to repair mode when several DNA healing genes switch-on. Dr. Economo feels that eating cessation also reduces damaging free radical levels. The result is a reduction in blood pressure, a decrease in high blood sugar levels, which are in themselves a prelude to diabetes and metabolic levels decrease as the body slow down to conserve its energy resources.

Fasting, especially for the first timer can be difficult. Toxins which are a natural bi-product of today's lifestyle release and these can cause headaches, dizziness and a general feeling of unwellness, but stick with it and experience extraordinary results. Both Professor Longo and Dr. Economo suggest a prolonged fast is best accomplished under supervision and probably in a quality detox resort, such as Dr. Economo's European clinics or in one or two of the recommended facilities in Koh Samui, Thailand. Why not give it a go, it might just extend your life?


Understanding the language of the Subconscious Mind.

Men dealing with financial stress

To truly understand how someone's beliefs impact their lives, look at the result they are getting. If for example they are struggling with money, then chances are they believe in scarcity and have an underpinning notion that money is hard to come by. When you have it, you need to hold onto it. You can't feel the unconscious. You might pretend to be very rich and this is very helpful as an unconscious message, but if you feel fear every time you part with money, you are in effect transmitting a very powerful message of lack.Eseentially you are saying there isn't enough and if you spend what you have it is unlikely that more will come to replace the outpouring. This stops the flow and everything shuts down and enters conservation mode.more

Many years ago a surgeon by the name of Maxwell Maltz wrote a book entitled "Psycho Cybernetcis". In this he likened the subconscious to the guidance system of an intercontnental ballistic missile. Feed in the correct co-ordinates and the system takes you to the target. Positive information yields positive outcomes and the negative produces non-positive results.

The subconscious is not particulalry good with language; it works much more efficiently with symbols, pictures, sounds and feelings. It likes this active scripting. Remember, too, that actions always speak much louder than words themselves.

The Bible talks about the ancient practice of tithing. Here people were required to give 10% of their income to support the temple and the priests. The practie has survived in many traditions and is perhaps the root of what became taxation. However, as far as we are concerned, thithing is a perfectly voluntary practice. If you give 10% of everything you earn away, this challenges the subconscious to move out of its comfort zone and forces it to enter into the flow of money. Without exception I can say that people who freely tithe always get back more than they give away. If you are finding money in short supply, do not focus on the messages of gloom and doom that come to us from the television and the media, instead give some of your money away. Not all of it, just some. Push past your comfort zone and then sit back and see what happens. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Ted's Tinnitus Disapears in Thailand

Men with sexual dysfunctions

Here is a report on how a ninety-minute session with Ted (not his real name) worked with EFT to overcome the strong guilt feelings that had been plaguing him. Approximately 10 months previously Ted had been accused by a former employee of sexual harassment in the workplace, although the matter never came to anything,he felt his reputation had been besmirched by the charges. Moreover he felt sad and guilty about the situation. Although he wanted to start a deep and close intimate relationship as he felt lonely; he had been feeling uncomfortable about going out and meeting women He believed his reputation would simply invite rejection. EFT had done a good job in quashing his disempowering beliefs around the issue and when the session was about to reach a successful conclusion, he turned and told the consultant how he suffered from tinnitus. Actually he had been suffering from what he described as "a whistling in the years" for the past ten years. This disclosure was a surprise! Working largely in an environment where people come to fast and de-tox on specific programs that average approximately one week in duration time, therefore, is very much of the essence. Usually it is not possible to tell clients "to come back next week" because by that time they will most likely have returned home; generally situated many thousands of miles away.more

Ted said the degree of intensity for this tinnitus worked out at about 7 out of 10, and mentioned the whistling was generally worse in the right ear. Time was rapidly running out but it was decided to give him another 15 minutes to resolve the issue. If there was no result in that time, we would just have to let it go and suggest he go to see a suitably qualified EFT practitioner when he returned to his native country.

It started with a very straightforward set-up; "Although I have this whistling in my ears. I accept and approve of myself." The reminder phrase was "whistling in the ears". By this time Ted was familiar with the EFT tapping points so he was encouraged to tap on himself whilst the therapist tapped along with him. When we reached the Collar Bone point he was asked "What does this whistling remind you of?" He paused for a moment and replied "the break-up of my marriage!" Next, a second round of EFT was initiated using the EFT short cut process and we asked him how long ago the marriage had broken up? He said they had separated eleven years previously. As the tapping continued, he was asked "how did the whistling in the ears remind him of his marriage break-up?" Again he pondered, so it was decided to go onto the hand points. He started to explain, as he tapped the finger points that at the time he had been very pre-occupied with his business and felt he had started to let his home life drift. His wife began complaining about his pre-occupation with work, but he ignored her, feeling that the business difficulties would soon be resolved and they could return to how things were before. On this occasion the SUDs were taken again as we finished tapping on the little finger. He said he came up with a 4 for the right ear and a 3 for the left. On enquiring how he felt about the situation as he looked back from now. He admitted feeling "sad" and "guilty". He felt he had thrown away a relationship and he regretted that because now he was all alone. With the new aspects, came a new set-up and a new SUDs. The set-up was "Even though I feel sad and guilty about what happened I am now open to new possibilities because I deserve to be happy." The SUDs had meanwhile increased to a 6. As tapping began on the face points he seemed to become visibly upset, which suggested the SUDs had gone even higher. He was urged to repeat the reminder phrase "sad", that is until reaching the Under Arm point. Here he sighed and visibly relaxed. However, he was encouraged to move on to the UB point. This marks the end of the liver meridian.

This seemed a good place to stop. His SUDs level and the noise had completely disappeared in the left ear and was a lowly 1 in the right. This was astounding, as it didn't really seem possible to have been able to make such inroads into the problem in only 15 minutes. In my experience tinnitus can be difficult to treat and can eat into several sessions without resolution. However, there appeared to be a definite connection between the tinnitus, the more distant marriage break-up and the more recent sexual harassment accusation. There was insufficient time to explore this connection.

Ted stayed at the Resort for another couple of days. He did not return for a further session but when asked "how's the whistling? He retorted reassuredly," completely gone!" This goes to show what a powerful tool there is in EFT! In our experience it has straightened fingers, fixed numerous backs, removed the fear of heights, seen stubborn necks stop hurting and headaches vanish, all in matter of minutes. Thanks so much EFT!


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